Tuesday, January 6, 2009

lunch alone..

woke up ths morning by da sound of my aunty's voice.. pg2 lg die da kjot bgn n kate.. "mk pdh bgn lmbt ari ni.. x smpt msk.. nh duet.. g bli mkn ape2.. jgn ordr mc'd jew.. mkn nsik.....".. i was like half awake just nodded n and kte ye jew.. hehe.. den, smbg tdo blik..

woke up again around 11 kot.. guling pnye guling.. then teringt nk mkn sushi... nsik gak kn??

hehe.. i mndi, then drove g parade....

n here i am... tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

yupp.. i ate my lunch here.. alone la of course.. xpe2.. x kesah pon...

den mse tgh mkn.. megat kol.. he asked a favour bli kn num clcm for his frens.. ey, nk clcm pon nk suh i bli kn ke?? kt klang mcm xde je.. hehe.. xpe la.. bff mntk tlg,.. so tlg jew la..

da la suh bli.. siap suh kol die lgi.. bwt pe.??.. suh bc kn stu2 num yg ade... haih... jenuh aku nk sbot sume.. lst2, bli gak,.. pas da bli tu.. jln2 jap.. sj usha fon nye price.. eheh.. menggedik x?? nk tau fon pe??....

The new Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is especially designed for the music-lovers all over the world. Yep, all over the world. It has innovative new designs to give you the best music experience from a mobile phone that is ever possible. It supports Nokia's Comes With Music, a service that gives you access to the Nokia Music Store. They provide a 1 year unlimited access to their catalog by purchasing this great phone.

So, what do people want for their music mobile phone? We all want clear and powerful speakers, more memory and of course, easy synchronization. Aside from these, it's no mobile phone if it can't perform well as a mobile phone, right? The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic does not just focus on the "music" factor but it has a great internet browsing, 3.2 megapixel camera with a Carl Zeiss Lens, clear phone speaker, Bluetooth and so much more! Plus, it is the first Nokia phone with touch screen to add that human touch.

Also, there is the Media Bar and the Contacts Bar. The Media Bar is a drop down menu that gives you a direct access to your music, videos and photos. With the Media Bar, you can directly link to a website or for online sharing. Contacts Bar, on the other hand, is like a feed for your own life. You could highlight up to four of your favorite contacts and track a digital history of previous text messages or emails and photos, and more from these contacts.

With the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, you get up to 8 Gb of memory, built-in surround stereo speakers and it supports up to 60 languages so people around the world could use this phone.

fuhh.. pnt ckp.. eheh.. padahal copy paste jew.. keh3..

k la.. just hope i got it someday..

plsshh3 abahh... *blink2*