Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kimi & Za

mawu jmpe mereka...


tp mcm x sempat je.. sok diowng da nk lek penang...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaa... np xdtg lame2 lgi.. huhu :(

xpe lah, next time okeh??



Thursday, January 28, 2010

Eh, Lupe nk cakap....

thank you for these ye....

4 inch heels from vincci. oh, me so love it :))

Hi, my name is BUBU. I am The Bubu. hehe

7 sins of chocolate. oh sooo yummy!! from Delectable :)



Remisnice the 'not-so-old' pict.. HAHA :)

The Gardens :)

gmba lme. sj nk upload. heee..


quick update.

lame nye x update.. huhu..

xde mse la nk update2 skng neh..

n now tgh dmam plak. jangkit ngn ain la ni. huhu..


Tuesday, January 12, 2010




got it from my sis. her boss bg from mekah kot.

heee, i saw it n sje menggedik nk pakai.

like the colour. not too bright not too dark. just nice. :)





im sure not many of u familiar wth this brand. sbb die x jual kt mne2 store.

i do not know much bout this brand. but im buying it just to help my kazen. at least tht's wht kazen are for kn?? :)

they sell from t shirt, sweater, sunglasses, flip flops/slippers.. errr, xtau la lgi.. hehe..

but, i must say, their t shrt pnye design sgtt lawa n heard die print x byk. so, mcm agak limited jugak lah kn. the shirt material pon bole thn la. not bad. heard they print the design kt indonesia if x slap la.

btw, i bought this sunglasses. super awsome :DD. love it sggt. mura je k. they have it in many colours, but i like it in black. bru cm mysterious sket.. ecececece :p

btw la kan, if u guys need any info, just let me know k :)

gmba ini sgtt vain gle. haha, gdikk :p



Monday, January 11, 2010


this is soooooooo nice. wish i could have them..


isk.. cntik kn. sggt..

huu, mahu bole?? :p



Saturday, January 9, 2010

what a week...

ookay. i did survive for my first week of sem 4.

dunno why, but this sem 4 made me worry for unnecessarily things. give me an uglyy eye bag and black area under my eyes.

thank you so much sem 4. for giving me this for my very first week. sigh :(

xtau la np, but this sem 4 make me worried too much. mayb because there's 7 modules this sem plus 1 for agama. so, 7 papers for finals. ishh.

let's see wht's waiting for me ..

i) Physical Chemistry - 28 chapters
ii) Pharmaceutical Anaysis II - 13 chapters
iii) Pharmaceutics III - 18 chapters
iv) Medicinal Chemistry - 18 chapters
v) Complementary Medicine - 23 chapters
vi) Inorganic Chemistry - 29 chapters
vii) Industrial Microbiology - 20 chapters.

total sume?? kire la sndri... @_@. da tkot da nie.. isk :(

haih.. my first day of school pon doesnt have a good start. suppose that day ade klas agama je. from 9 till 12 noon. i came early that day. turns out, the ustaz was an hour late, only 2 ppl came, which is me n other gurl, n ustaz had to cancel the class since there's only the 2 f us.. grrrr!!! screw u ppl yg x dtg... bongok!!

n now, the workload da mcm nk byk..


btw, here's some random photos.

imu kne cuci. since 17th jan ade imu open day. semangat okeh nk cuci2 nie. da mcm dlm filem cite cuci haha :)

i made this during my practical on 3rd day. u see, bru 3 ari, da de experiment. even the lectures pon blom start lgi. isk. oh btw, it contain a drung inside. amoxylin. type of antibiotic. any takers?? haha..

ini muhammad danish. sggt comel okeh. was in alamanda today. had family outing with uncle rosli's family. this boy suchh a good boy. xnanges, x mragam pe sume. :)

ok, my post starting to get boring. better ends here. xde mood sgt nk tulis byk2.



Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Night Movie

Avatar tonite. was super2 awsome. hehe.

me kaklong adam amir aishah farah hazman. 7 of us.

luckily, we booked the tickets.

Dinner at subway dlu. All of us had steak n cheese, but diffrnt bread.

me share wth farah. adam share with amir. comot gle mkn. :))

Kami. without me, of course. im the one who took the pict. Subway

from left : farah kaklong aishah hazman amir adam

itu die, sgt rakus. HAHA

Dua budak yg sgtt nakal. Amir n Adam. ^_^

ok2, ni haa aku. the red one, ofcourse ^^,

bye, ngntk, nk tdo da! nite~


Friday, January 1, 2010

Dua Kosong Satu Kosong


my resolution this year???

err,, let's just keep it as a secret k??

only i know what i want..

hoping for the best towards this brand new decade.