Tuesday, February 21, 2012

SM/SSM Awards

Hello Everyone!

I hope its not too late to post this entry.. hihi.. So, Last 18th of February, berlangsung Majlis penyampaian Award kepada Sales Manager (RM20,000 sales) and Senior Sales Manager (RM60,000 sales) . And Im one of them! wohooo!

Was held dekat Dewan Wawasan PGRM, Cheras..

Congrats to all yg naek pentas on that day.. Hihi.. KEEP IT UP!

INsyaAllah, if you are in the right group, Success will be mine someday, cuz im not working alone, its all about TEAMWORK!!..

Ape yg penting??? "Kerjasamaaaa.." LOL :p

JUst follow every step, you will be guided in every way.. So no worries if you wanna join in this business..

Enjoy the pics! :)

Dalam Dewan.. Meria uolss.. Haha

Went there with my awesome DAD! Thanks for teman me everywhere, and also tolong hantar gi kelas everytime.. hihi :)

Time nih tgh beratur.. Tunggu turn nak naek pentas dahhhh... :D

Loveeeee my baju that day! Orang laen pakai merah, aku belasah pakai biru.. Lantakk.. haha

Haaa kauu, senyum kemain lebar nek pentasss... :p

Im with my awesome Leader, Mentor, Mummy ; HANIS HAIZI :)

Sempat lagi sok sek sok sek.. hihi..

All together now!! :D

Wanna be part of our team?? Don't be hesitate to call me, message, email me...will show u step by step & guide u along the way... Jommms make an appoinment with me now! :D

Just shoot me an email at
sms me 0126054267
for appointment

Sales Manager :)