Friday, January 9, 2009


i woke ths morning wth ths weird kinds of feeling.. dont know why la.. i felt uneasy.. nervewrack.. xtentu hala.. nervous tahap gaban i must say... i tried to sit straight on my bed n thnkng why is this hapen to me...

the sumtng came through my mind.. oh shit..!!!! now i know why.. my results are coming today.. not till 3 pm.. haih.. to be sited quietly in my hse while waiting for the results to be released is terrible i tell u.. haih..

the clock shows its 2.30 already.. i dressed up and ready to go to imu.. drove very safely as my heart start to pound very fast.. to chill my self up.. i start to 'selawat' a bit silently..

once i received da result.. i opened it slowyly.. read every single detail.. n...


i passed!!!!!!

fuh~ wht a releive..

sem 2.. here i comeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

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