Thursday, April 30, 2009

countdown (1)

pssssttttt........ weh korang..

aku nkbuat countdown neh...

jom lah sme2...

days left : 6 days :))

Monday, April 27, 2009

my target..

finish this subject in 3 days. oh, i mean i try......

sooo, pe lgi??

shuuuuhhhhh2!!!!... g ngadap buku!

dont eat. dont sleep. dont play. dont even breath!!..

finish this first.. u know how sarcastic it can be... ceh2..

*how i just wish i can eat this book so that i can remember evrythng. huhu~

Sunday, April 26, 2009

silly me.. ngeh3..

i thought my final exm will be on the 11th of may..

turns out,..

it's on 14th of may...

sheessshhhhhh!!!. doink tol.. hehehe.. timetable sndri pon x tau.. ape daaa...

xpe, more time for me to study.. yeay!!

chaiyok2!!! (^_*)~

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fashion Week in Midvaley and Gardens

ye. this weekend i went to midvaley and gardens wth my mum. since ade fashion week, so, sj je la g usha2 kt sne. hehe.

i took this pamplet as i walked in the midvaley. to see wht kind of events they have. mostly got fashion show la of course. and also got great deals from outlet that participate. aaannnnnnndddd... if we spent over rm250 in a specialty store, we can get a free makeover!! *screammm*. hehe.

the 'menu' inside...

after we are done in midvaley... n found nothng that fancy me.. we were heading to gardens lak..

as we walked passed the bridge, i saw this ....

shopping presription.

haha.. bnde ni cm nk ngata aku jeh.. terase lak ble tgk.. huhu.. but in a nice way la kn..

so, wht they have there is like a mini counter in the centre of the bridge. they actually have ths counter to open registration to become a Robinson's membership. haaa?? apekahh ayt aku neh??..

i was attracted to it. sbb i dunno why la kn, but i like to become any membership from any store. haha. plik kn. maybe suke kot nti bole dpt benefits die. hehe.

so, i was asking tht lady how to become a member. she said just fil up the form, bring it to the customer service counter in robinson at level 2, not in 5 minutes, ur membership card is ready. pluussssssss... with these great voucher. muahahahahaha...

the application.

my membership card.

along wth that, they also give these items..

a booklet tht full wth great vouchers inside. mostly cn be used inside the gardens only. seyes beshh gilakk. bole gne smpai bile2. wohooo~

first page. knon2 nk bwt cm prescription la knon. ceh2. hehe

voucher lagi. but only can be used till next week. anyone yg nk ke? bole.. tp sile byr >.<

everything was put inside these free shopping bag. they have in black too.

hehe. suke2 >.<

but kteowng kjp je kt sne. mls nk stay lme2. aku pon pnt. ltih x ilng woo.

oke. time utk blik. sblh tu ibu.

venue : the gardens' lift.

*Great weekend (^_^). toodles~*

Saturday, April 18, 2009

riang ria

ye. ari ini ari untuk ber-riang-ria besame teman


mari tgk gmba. ape kmi da buat.

oke. ini theme pink. tah np sume ttba kai pink lak ri ni. nice >.<

sye bersame incik hippocratic??..

farah scared with mr.boney.

i kishh u mr. boney. :))

farah wth her latte. with NO sugars! =.=

me?? wth farah's latte. hehe

i loooove ths pict! nice. i took it :D

my turn lak. hehe

*ps : muke gle tebal ari ni. thn maloo due to amik gmba kt tmpt public smpai x ingt dunia. control2. haha

Friday, April 17, 2009

pinky me >.<

i dnt know why..

but im soooooo pinky today.

picture ths..

a pinky long shirt/blouse..

wth a pinky headband..

along with pinky hairband and pinky butterfly clip.. for extra use..

pinky file..

pinky shoes...

pinky pensil case...

sume la pink..

even my fren pon tego i look so pinky today...

nk kte gdikk, xkot.. this is not that somethng i really like..

but, tah la.. da ter-pink ari ni..

get used to it..


Monday, April 13, 2009


kalo dlu 9..

skrng 10 la plak kn??

yeay!!!! 10


Sunday, April 12, 2009



congrats to NABIL.. untung irma dpt hang naaa...

hehe. clap3!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

oke, ini x sengaja!

ok, remember my previous post??

yg knon nye kte xnk shpng lg tu??

ok, statement itu mmg tpo n xbole pkai..

cuz td... i terrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-bli sumting...

pink head-scarf/band from forever 21.

blue black long skinny jeans from dorothy perkins.

see2. kan da kte. mmg x sngaja bli. huhu.

tp kn, kalo kuar ngn ibu.. x sah kalo x g kdai2 nie. hehe. msti gdikk2 nk msuk. kalo ari2 g pyrmd, ari2 gak la msuk kdai2 nie. smpai owg kt kdai tu pon muak kot tgk muke kteowng. hik3..


*ok2, pas ni blaja lak! final mau dkat lor...

Happy 50th Bday!!

yesterday, 9th of april was my aunty birthday.

sooooo, hepi bday ya!!!

n tonite, she belanja us mknmkn... hehe..


It's a BUG??

hey, i found this lil creature in front of my hse door ths morning..

mcm cool gle kn??. or rather i say unique??

it's like it wearing a face mask.. hehe..

but i dnt know this lil creature called wht...

bug ke, ladybird ke..

tah la... xtau..

Thursday, April 9, 2009

potions by ME!

ok. it's my first so called medicated syrup. not just normal syrup, or korng kate 'air gula'..

but ths one actually contains drugs. yeap!. mcm cool gle kn?? oh plss la,,, hehe...

ok2, mari tgk potions nye...


hehehe.. nmpk cm air bese je kn???. tp x kot.

this syrup very the melekit. haha. da kte syrup, cm ala-ala air gule la gak..

we melt the sucrose wth water for almost 1 hour. fuuhhh, bejanggut aku tggu nk bg die tol2 dissolved. mne tak nye. we weighed sucrose quite a lot la gak. kalo x trok byk, nti jd phit kot. hehe.

in the mean time, smentra nk tggu die cair, we mix drugs, ethanol and gylcerine. mule2 mcm tkot gak nk prepared kn awl2. because i thnk ethanol nie very flammable. means sgt muda terbkr if dkt kn wth any heat or fire. but thnk god nthng hapen. :D

den bile da siap sume, we just mix evrythng up. simple je. but takes time. da siap, pe lgi, camwhoring wth my lab partner... FARAH!!..

kerja gilakk. hehe. (^_*)

oke2. pose cntek2.

hehe. but we never tasted da drug pon.

gile pe??. da la xtau biavailability die. heh..

oh, spot the green thingy on my head?? yaeh, prof ignatio made us wearing it. knon cm safety la. tah ape2 je. huhu. xpe2, angp je la cool gle pkai tuh. =.=!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

awkward lunch??

hmm, xtau la..

but i had my lunch with simon today. plik gak la kn??

we never had lunch together b4.

but just now he did asked me wether i wnt to eat wth him or not.

so i was thnkng, bole je la kot. since i've been doing asgmnt wth him just now.

so, tman kan je la die mkn. lgipon i was realyyyyyyy hungry at tht time.

we bought food kt luar. me mcm biase mkn nsi, simon?? i thnk wht u called tht ah... yong tau fu is it?? tah, ye la kot.

so we mknmkn, n borak2. then im now in the library wth him. again. accompany him kejap to write the email to our lab manager.

i guess tu je kot. haku mau p toilet. sejukkkkkkkkkkkk... mau,.... phm2 sndri.

klass pon da nk start.


spend too much time wth simon eh??. xpe, for project purpose ONLY!.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I shop till i Drop. oops!

yup. tht's wht i did today.

went to OU ths mrning wth my momy n anuty. FYI, kalo shpng wth my aunty neh, she can go non stop i tell u. hah!. gle kntang weh kalo die shpng. aku pon kalah. =.=!

ok2, mri brenti ngarot. mari tgk ape yg TER-bli td.. hehe. ter la sgt ko ni shikin.

oke. ini yourstruly hehe. suke gdikk dpn cermin. tpoo kalo korng x. kn? kn??

and this is my catch of the day. taraaaaaaa...

ok. skarng tgk stu2 lak.

clutch black and white snake skin pattern. from charles and keith.

silver sandel for regular use to class. from vincci.

pink shirt wth stilettos printed. OMG!!!. i LOVE gle sgt bju ni. its like represent me. a shoeaholics. from Seed.

black blouse/mini dress. so cute. from Nichi.

blue clutch. oh, da lme sgt2 nk clutch ni. last2, bli gak. its nice, yet classic. from Dorothy Perkins.

pink blouse and black short legging. from Forever 21.

black and white stripe cardigan. from Fourskin.

wahhhhhhhhhhhhh... i guess tht's all je kot pe bli td.

ok dah. pasni jgn shpng for a long term. ceh, ye2 je ckp.

jgn pecaye statement kt ats tuhh!!!

*kaki sakit. due to jln alomost total 8 hours. demmit!*.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Month

yupp. it's the time of the month alredi. hehe. phm ke??

sooooooo, to prepare myself up,... kluar la g crik brg. N i bought this insteed. hehe, sgt comel ok!.

it's a limited edition kotex overnight extra long wing. it comes with 16 pads. hehe. the box is so cute. its pink with black polka dot and got riben also!. this box kalo bukak, looks like a mini drower.
in case my pad da abis, bole la nk smpn brg laen. or top up wth another pad. bole bwt tmpt smpn pad. hehe. cantekcantek.
sukeeeeeeeeeee sgt.!
plus, it's cheap. i bought this at rm 9.80 only. dkt watson. so pe lgi, g la bli people!!!
x period pon xpe, bli siap2! :D

Friday, April 3, 2009

i was reading anis pnye blog td.. n i saw this tag. so since da lme xmaen tag2 nie, so i decided nk copy paste from her blog. bole kn anis?? heeeeeeeee~ >.<

ok. mari stat. trik napas dlu. ok go!

5 things in my bag:
  • my red guess purse.
  • sikat. the small n yg bole lipat tu, :D
  • Doir Addict ultra gloss lipglos, num 157.
  • pink hairband. in case nk ikat rmbut.
  • kunci kete.

5 things in my wallet purse:

  • mooo-lah! *duet*. walaupon x byk. eheh~
  • ic n my lesen. oh, i da x P oke! sila notis ini.
  • bankcard.
  • membership card. fashion fast foward, padini, bla bla bla. to many to be mention.
  • sumting2 tht ment to be secreto. ahah. bhye kalo org tau. wuuuuuuuu~

5 favourite things in my bedroom:

  • my pink heart-shaped pillow. given by him. >.<
  • my shoes boxes. i kept a few of my fav shoes inside my room. yg mhl2 je la. sbb xmau bg owg len pkai. hehe.
  • my perfume collection.
  • my closet yg sangat-penuh-dgn-baju-sampai-da-xmuat itu. hehe.
  • oh, tmpt sngkut2 beg. =.=!. xtau pnggil ape. ths is where i put all my bags. nicely.

5 things I want to do:

  • do some more shoe shppng. just cant get enough of it. =.=!
  • kemas blik yg sgt sepah. due to knon2 rjin blaja.
  • basuh kete. oke, da 2 mngu x bsuh. sila kesali.
  • pegi msuk gym n dance floor IMU yg bru bukak itu. :D
  • get all my asgmnt done.

5 things I’m doing now :

  • this tag. duh!
  • sitting in front of lappie.
  • msg-ing wth him.
  • thinking wht to write email for Dr. Keng
  • garu2 pipi. gatal!

5 people I would like to tag:

  • aishah
  • farah
  • lyna
  • aqma
  • wanie.

oke,selesai suda tag.



ahaah!. my 100th entry. woho00~..


semoga lg rijin lah ye buat entry ari2.