Sunday, November 30, 2008


It's sunday people!!! hehehe.. i went to gombak ths morning.. mk pidah wnted to get her hair done.. washng, colouring.. normal stuff she used to do.. i decided not to join her.. insteed i went to hafiz's cribs.. mk pdh asked me to buy some groceries.. me n hafiz took off to carefour..

haha, funny thng is.. smpai jew kat carefour.. suddenly it went blackout.. i was like wht the fuck is ths man.. cm ne nk bli brg oii!!.. lucky us, inside the carefour x blckout pon.. only cm kdai2 kt lua tu je..

after evrythng done, we went to jj.. (insteed u dnt know, i'ts JAYA JUSCO) .. we planned had our lunch at johnny's.. mkn steamboat!!.. yummmm3.. boy, the food is yumm-meh.. n hot n spicy.. haha.. me n hafiz tried our best to finish up everythng.. knyg gle kot mkn.. oh btw, i BELANJA him oke!! hehe.. how nice of me.. (kembang2)

hafiz show sum skills.

while we boiled it..

ready to EAT!!!!..

as i passed through the shop, suddenly sumting caught my eyes.. whch is the 50% sign at maggie T .. i went straight inside the shop n saw ths beautiful cheetah-pink-printed pillow.. it's not lke im obssessed wth the cheetah gurl.. but hey, i've got it like half of the price ok.. hehe.. as soon i saw it, i just knew i wanted to buy it.. i thought i can put it inside my car.. other than that, i aslo buy sum present for my bestie.. since i cldnt find it tht day at pyrmd.. well, i thnk its worth it.. hopes she like it..

my pink pillow!!

after everythng is done, we drove back to gombak.. n mk pdh is home already.. me n mk pdh went straight back to subang.. da smpai, tdo smpai ptg cm bese.. hehe..

another great weekend for me.. thnk so.. hmm..


Concert n Graduation

adam n amir is having their annual concert n adam is graduate today.

i'm having fun, the kids ware totally awsome.!

enough said, here's some pict.

amir wth his rock show.

adan n his dikir barat

adam is finally graduate. sori for the unclear pict.

tht's all bout it.. buh-bye~

Saturday, November 29, 2008

rain rain go AWAY~

hmm, outside is still raining.. it's 1.33 am alreadi.. it's been raining lately here in subang.. i heard the rumours tht subang is actually 'banjir'?? haha.. since when?? as far as i know,.. subang ni byk longkng2 besa to suck up evrnthng.. nth la..
hope it stop by morning..


Friday, November 28, 2008

TWILIGHT day out..

Zdrasvooi'ta.. well at least tht's wht russian said 'hello'.. i woke up early ths morning.. at 8.45.. haha, i myself couldnt believe it.. yup, movie is at 11.. we booked the tcket alreadi.. but we arrived a bit late.. nevamnd, we managed to get ourself the tcket.. speaking of which, we seat 3rd row from the front.. haih.. the movie was not bad.. hehe, i must say... edward cullen is a hothot hunk!!!! hahaha..
we lunch at sushi.. suddenly i 'mengidam' sushi.. hehe.. then, we went for a bit of shppng.. i bought this yellow shirt like rm20 only at FOS.. i dnt know wht's up wth me.. i kept buying stuff from fos.. haih.. mayb probaly i was soooo kedekut kot.. haha.. got to save some for the rainy days.. after all, i've got 2 more months for my holiday.. it shld be enough tme for me to go shopshopshop!!! hehe..

at sushi

muke concentrate mkn.. hehe

i bought ths shrt. it's yellow ok!!

then we continue jlnjln.. oh btw, did i mentioned tht there were a snow at pyrmd..?? i know it's fake...but wht the heck.. it's snow babbyyyyy!!!! check ths out..


at first i thought to get some present for my bestie.. so we drop by kat memory lane.. i saw ths bear tht just caught my eyes.. why?? bcos it simply in red.. duhh~ kinda cute u know.. wish my bubu bought it for me.. sayang, it's only like rm 98 je.. bole kn?? kn??.. after tgk2 pnye lme.. i decided kluar frm there.. nthg fancy to buy la.. sori..

my kazen bought her self a dress.. whch is nice on her.. i like it.. at first i thought to get my self one.. since my imu ball is coming.. whch is on march 09, hehe.. but as usual, kedekut.. haha..

sayang, yang ni tau3.. hehe

my kazen wth her dress..

after da pnt jln, we balik around 3pm.. kinda tired shpng td.. bkn bli ape pon.. jln jew lbey.. xpe, exercise.. hehe..

blik tgk high school musical 2.. den smbg tgk final destination 3. tht's bout it for today. pnt dah!! later peeps!!!!


die.annas muasfuddin.
ku sayang.chenta.heart.selamanya.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

yupp, tht's us.. been through day n nite for da last 6 years.. i must say its quite a long tme.. n i cherished our frenshp so so so so muchhh!!..
yup, our priority as a stdnt keeps us apart.. but we know, we still hv each other bud when we need it..
them, totally wht a true frens are.. n im totally
HEART them so so so much.. may ths frenshp last forever...
love ya!!!


olla peeps... today is officially my 4th day since my holiday started.. haih.. im starting to get bored already.. woke up late, wtch tv, eat, bath, cont wtchng tv, sleep.. tht's all i did everyday.. boring huh!! yeah, pretty much.. hmm.. but today i hv to woke up a bit early.. got to search my mom's letter frm sumting sumting for my mara aplication.. haih, kinda dissapointed.. cnt find it though.. mne la ibu ltk oiiii... pnt crik stu umh.. huhu, nevamnd.. i solved da prblm alredi.. no worries.. yeay me!! haha.. oh today, i didn't msg my bubu like i always did.. why?? cuz i was tooooooo bz looking for tht letter.. haih.. sori sayang.. didnt mean to do tht.. den afta da pnt crik, (bkn jmpe pon).. tetido.. br reply msg bubu 1 2.. da krroooohhhhh... haha.. xpe2, i'll mke up wth u at nite k? we will ym-ing till lebam like we always do.. hehe..

oh, i wtched high school musical just now.. da 1st one.. yeah, i must say.. i like it u know.. the dancing n singing makes me wanna be part of da show.. haha, dream on!! well, at least i hv a dream rite??.. hehe..

oh2, today is thursday.. tht's means 2moro is friday.. now i remember.. i hv a date 2moro wth my kazen.. yeah, we r going to wtch twilight.. speaking of which, im not really sure wht movie is about.. haha, silly me!.. wel, i did asked aishah wht is it about.. she told me is about a good vampire bla bla bla.. i didnt really listen to her.. hehe.. still didn't get any clue.. hrmm, nevamind then.. i'll guess i hv to wait 2moro..

u know, while im doin ths blog.. my sis suddenly pop-in my room.. whch kinda surprise me.. cuz i saw her walking into my room holding her purse.. u know wht's tht means?? yupp, i get my 'duit poket' from her alreadi.. at 1st, i was kinda srprse de amount tht she gve me.. usually not tht muchh.. but i'll take it.. hey, sp nk tolak rezeki kn?? hehe..

k la, i thnk i wrote pretty much alreadi.. while waiting my bubu finish tgk cite antu die.. hehe.. oi buchuk, u kalo x ley tito mlm ni, jgn crik i ek... haha.. joking2.. k la.. daaaaaa~~~ see u guys real soooonnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


hey, meet again.. it's officially 10.15.. raining outside..

yeay me!!!

yeayyyyyy.... it's like OMG!! i finally hv my owg bloggg.... its has been a long time since i really really wanna to do it.. haha.. knowing tht my bff doin it wthout telling me... ceh.. huhu.. now, im not gonna tell them tht i hv one.. find it ur own... ngah3... oh2, wht did i do today.. hrmmm...
pgi2 lg da kuar ngn aisyh... g arprt subng... go get my stuff.. den lpk parade jp.. aisyh made me bought that shirt... nvamnd, only like rm10.. ok lah.. hehe.. now im stuck in her place.. doin ths blog while wondering wht's my bubu doin rte now.. probaly hvin gud tme wth his frens... yeah, i made him go to that picnic.. since his frens calling me to bag him.. haih, wht to do.. oh, gtg.. aqma msg me alreadi.. nk g her place lak... i guess tht's for now... daaaaa~