Saturday, January 10, 2009

wishh list..

yupp.. my class will be start soon.. i need to go shopping n buy some stuff for me.. ye lah kn.. new sem da nk msuk.. so kne la prepare awl2..

well, these are some items i need to buy..

1) new flats shoes. the old one da koyak :(.. really need it cuz im working in the lab sumtimes.. haih.. safety first!!!

kalo cm ni nye cntk kn.. like cinderella shoes... owh, i reallyreallyreally wnt it...~

2) new blouse.. hehe.. sj je nk menggedik.. bt seyesly, i dnt hv tht much blouse in my closet..

love the design.. looks nice n sassy.. nknknk!!!

3) new notebooks.. hehe.. konon2 nk tulis notes ah tu dlm class.. haha

nk byk2!!!

4) new pendrive.. at least kalo mls nk slin notes pon, bole amik notes dlm I drive... tros print je.. kn sng!!...

i was thnkg to buy the 4gb nye.. owh how i wishh there's pndrve whch is in red~

hmmm.. pe lgi ek??

any idea u guys????

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" anis " said...

gembiranya die...congrats....:)