Friday, January 9, 2009

nite calling...

just now.. the clock shows 11.30.. suddenly prot mcm lapa la plak.. adoi.. ni yg lmh ni kalo lapa mlm2.. pe bnde je la nk mkn.. nk tepon mc'd, asik bz jew line.. bnci tol..

then suddenly.. i was like addicted for caffien...!! damnn...!! couldn't remember when was da last tme i hd caffien.. went downstairs.. searching for it.. lucky i found one..

haha.. the nescafe tht i found is not the regular i used to drink.. this one is some other brand.. xpe ah.. kalo da ketagih.. pe2 pon bntai jew..

air da msk, try rse... perrgghhh!!!!.. gle 'kaw2' nscfe die.. pekat gle wooo... mmg gle puas ati ah.. mnum pns2, smbl cicah ngn rti... hahaha.. mmg terbaek!!!...

*current mood : super duper hyper*

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