Wednesday, December 31, 2008

tata 2008!!

hey.. new year is almost hear.. yup.. just a few hours to go..
start countdown!!! haha.. oh well, let just see wht hapen to me throughout ths whole sarcastic years.. hehe..
  • January - ibu blik from kazakh... im still in mtrx.
  • February -broke up wth the guy i dated for almost 1 year n 5 month.. haih..
  • March - struggling for my finals.
  • April - finally, finish mtrx!! :D
  • May - im 20 ths year.. my frens celebrate it kt pyrmd. and also i went to kazakh.. ehemm.. get to know bubu.. hehe
  • June - guess wht?? we're togther now.. hehe
  • July - got my first car, savvy. n continued stadies in IMU.
  • August - 1st tme meet bubu..
  • September - ibu blik lgi.. n fasting month..
  • October - abah lak blik.. n of coz.. RRAAAYAAAAAAAA!!!!
  • November - finals...
  • December - latest, just got my MARA just now.. weeeeeehhhhhaaaaa!!!!!! XD

well, i guess tht's bout it..

got to thnk wht's my revolution for next year.. goshhh, i need to thnk fastttt.. haha..

gtg.. tata!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

silent mode

ashikin is studying...
wish me luck!

Monday, December 22, 2008

malas laaaaaaaa...

hey.. im home from port dickson smlm.. ok la.. tp sume bdk2 jew.. haih.. nk mndi pool pon ngn bdk2 jew.. xpe la, layannn..

picture pon x upload lgi.. mlsssssss gle oke!!

nti2 la upload..

sy tgh kemalasan yg amat sgt~


Friday, December 19, 2008

im O F F

i'll be off to port dickson today.. n will be back on sunday.. its kinda a fmly vacation like we used to do every year.. same place, same environment, sme surroundings... ths time fmly mk nis, fmly mk cik ugee, fmly pak busu, me, kaklong, mk pdh n tok mk..

i'll be laid back at the beach for few days.. hope x kne sunburn :P..

well, gtg.. i'll update my blog real soon...


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fuhh.. N A U G H T Y...

yupp.. guess who's coming over tonite.. adam n amir.. aiyoh i tell u... sgt2 super nakal.. pnt mak tom.. da tu, buli mak tom lak tu.. xpe2.. mak tom gtau ayah t.. hahahaha.. tonite fmly kak shu, ayahuteh n ayhlong dtg.. agak meriah la umh tonite.. since tok mk smpai sni yesterday.. hahaha.. ble da de fmly gathering ni.. bese la.. mule la sesi gossip, chit chat sume.. haha..

it was fun to hv ths small gathering..

well, im tired alreadi.. layan those two bdk nkal.. nk rleks.. sok mau g pd.. aiyo.. bju pon x pckng lgi.. k la, gtg..


Wednesday, December 17, 2008


hey gmok.. thnks td.. haha, i had fun...

we laugh, mke jokes, snore, kentot.. like we used to..

kah3... bodo gle ah ngn u ni..

bt beshbeshbesh td..


Monday, December 15, 2008

one sweet day~

yup..!! it's certainly a very2 sweet day for me yesterday.. as i spend one whole day wth my bubu.. its not like i cn get to meet him like evryday.. only once in a few months.. sedey kn?? tp nk bwt cm ne.. since he lived in penang.. but xpe la, tht doesnt bother me..

goshh.. i miss every sngle thng tht i did wth my bubu yesterday.. we talked, eat, shop, took pictures, movie.. sume la.. thnks to ur kzen eh.. cuz made it happened..

im really really hepi.. thks for brighten up my day once again dear.. thnk u so mucchhy2!!!..

p/s: ble nk dtg lg??


Sunday, December 14, 2008


woke up ths morning.. mk pidah kjot ajak g midvaley.. since my planned wth my bubu today was cancelled, i agreed to follow mk pdh.. after all, i cn do some shppng sket kn.. xyh kuar kn duet..

we arrived there around noon i thnk.. my god!! jam gle... the road was massive wth traffic.. adoi ai.. mne nk prkng.. lucky us.. we parked at the premier parking lot, the gardens.. lucky x rmai tau tmpt nie.. hehe..

we went straight to isetan, gardens.. mk pdh told me she wnt to find new shos for herself.. well, tht doesnt surprised me at all.. since she's a shoe addict like me.. i thnk worst kot.. haha.. if u guys nk tau, come la to my hse.. tgk brape byk ksut die... klah klcc kot.. hehe..

while we at the shoe department, then somethng just caught my eyes.. de ksut ni lawa la mk pdh... i kept trying tht shoes for so many many times.. den last2 mk pdh tnye, nk ke??.. hehe.. saye dgn segan silu kate nak.. hahahahahaha... bt the price xde la mhl pon.. mura jew..

then we headed to midvaley.. jln2 pnye jln.. msuk metrojaya.. i bought my new facial cleanser.. clinique.. beshh sgt tau kalo pkai.. eventhough sgt la mhl.. tp xpe la.. worth it kot.. da kalo sales assistance tu kte ley thn smpai 1 year... so i bli jew la..

den da pnt2 pusing, we had our lunch at the little penang.. mkn pnye mkn.. den blik.. ujn lak kt luar.. den we pegi gombk.. amik nadiah n aqilah..

blik umh.. mlm g mkn kt mc'd, subng parade wth nadiah, aqilah, kaklong n syafiq..

then we spend the rest of the nites by wtchng the telly..


Friday, December 12, 2008


seyes xde mood today..

thnks to you!


Thursday, December 4, 2008

mint n jojo

out to parade wth mint.

lpk, mknmkn..


jumpe joe..


i know, im bored~

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


nothing much for today.

woke up.
watched tv.
watched tv again.
eat spageti.
watched tv.
bla bla bla....

tht's bout it..


Tuesday, December 2, 2008


1. When you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning, what's the first thing you say?
: busuk nye mke.. haha

2. How much cash do you have on you?
: now?? xbyk pon.. huhu..

3. How many pillows do you sleep with?
: erm,.. 8. n i thnk i need more..

4. Favorite planet?
: earth la.. mne lgi aku nk idop??

5. Who is the 4th person on your missed call list on your cell phone?
: my bubu.

6. What is your main ring tone on your phone?
: david archuletta- crush

7. What shirt are you wearing?
: IMU shirt.. eheh, smngt gle

8. Do you "label" yourself?
: yup, tht im cute.. haha, prasan gle!

9. Name the brand of your shoes you're currently wearing?
: vincci, voir, guess, n byk la.. hey, im a shoe addict ok!

10. Bright or Dark Room?
: bright. n pink would be lovely.

11. What were you doing at midnight last night?
: my full tme occupation, tgk tv

12. What did your last text message you received on your cell say?
: from bubu, said.. 'hahaha...weeekkkk!'..

13. What's a saying that you say a lot?
: ermm, pe ek??

14. Who told you they loved you last?
: hrmm...

15. What are you listening to right now?
: now?? my telly outside..

16. what are the last 2 digits in your phone number?
: 67

17. What was the last thing you ate?
: for today. lom lgi.. but last nite, candy!

18. If you were a crayon what color would you be?
: red, defenitely.!

19. How is the weather right now?
: fine n perfect!

20. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
: last nite, bubu again.

21. Favorite type of Food?
: everythng.

22. Do you drink?
: water yes!. alcohol big NO-NO

23. Do you smoke?
: nope~

24. Ever get so drunk you dont remember?
: like i said, big NO-NO to alcohol..

25. What color are your eyes?
: dark brown.

26. Do you wear contacts?
: nope.

27. Single?
: not for now.

28. Favorite Month?
: may, june.. n when it comes to my holiday, tht would be defenitely my fav!!

29. Last Movie you watched?
: twilight

30. Favorite day of the week?
: everyday.

Monday, December 1, 2008


yeah!! im addict to it.. craving for sugar rite now.. sumting tht sweet n sour.. oh god, dunno la why.. maybe bcos of my period today.. mayb tht's explain my mood condition today.. nevamind..

k la, nk g mlantak candy nie.. im goin to be super duper hyper active tonite.. thnks to the sugar!


what a mess..

went to IMU today.. twice! haih.. ngade tol org MARA nie.. nk tu la, nk ni la.. haih.. hopes everythng ok da pas ni.. process it quick!!!

plsplsplsplspls... i wnt the money sooooooo bad.. huhu..

ok2. i need to chill, pray n wait...


not in da mood sgt la today.. pgi2 i found out someone patah kn my hair clip.. my fav n i bought like rm 30.. i took good care of it.. bgn pagi je tgk da pth.. i know kaklong yg bwt.. bcos mse bgn pgi nk subuh, its still in good condition.. when i woke up ths morning, not at its usual place n da pth..
arrrrrggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!! pgi2 lgi da xde mood.. ngade nye kaklong!!!!!!!! org tnye bla la xnk ngaku.. bgtau ibu.. bia ibu suh gnti blik duit.. double!!!! i dnt care!!!!!!!!

damn it!