Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Have you ever thought..?

To have freedom in FINANCIAL, TIME and LIFE??

Untuk hidup senang, and Berharta?

FREE from semuaaa hutang piutang?

That includes Loan Study, Kereta, Rumah, Personal Loan, etc etc

Have you ever thought bout your futere? Like 5 years from now..

What is it going to be like?

More richer? Or Masih dibebani hutang?

Satisfied/Happy with your life right now? With what you have?

Or u feel that u want more, but money will always be the issue?



Let's start now, put awayyy all of your excuses..

PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL offers you a great Business Oppurtunity..

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If She CAN, if I CAN..


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ash :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

PB Ketika Berpantang

Some info for mommies yang baru lahir kan baby..


Click for larger view!

27th March, again :)

A quick blog shout out..



Please do enjoy your 23rd year of your life.

Hadiah postpone haaaa.. hihi

Love You! :)


Thursday, March 1, 2012


Just a quick update..

Recently bought..

1) Arabian Night Maxi Dress ; in Navy
2) Colour Block Maxi ; in Green
3) Century Chiffon Skirt; in Black

Hehe, can't help it :p


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

SM/SSM Awards

Hello Everyone!

I hope its not too late to post this entry.. hihi.. So, Last 18th of February, berlangsung Majlis penyampaian Award kepada Sales Manager (RM20,000 sales) and Senior Sales Manager (RM60,000 sales) . And Im one of them! wohooo!

Was held dekat Dewan Wawasan PGRM, Cheras..

Congrats to all yg naek pentas on that day.. Hihi.. KEEP IT UP!

INsyaAllah, if you are in the right group, Success will be mine someday, cuz im not working alone, its all about TEAMWORK!!..

Ape yg penting??? "Kerjasamaaaa.." LOL :p

JUst follow every step, you will be guided in every way.. So no worries if you wanna join in this business..

Enjoy the pics! :)

Dalam Dewan.. Meria uolss.. Haha

Went there with my awesome DAD! Thanks for teman me everywhere, and also tolong hantar gi kelas everytime.. hihi :)

Time nih tgh beratur.. Tunggu turn nak naek pentas dahhhh... :D

Loveeeee my baju that day! Orang laen pakai merah, aku belasah pakai biru.. Lantakk.. haha

Haaa kauu, senyum kemain lebar nek pentasss... :p

Im with my awesome Leader, Mentor, Mummy ; HANIS HAIZI :)

Sempat lagi sok sek sok sek.. hihi..

All together now!! :D

Wanna be part of our team?? Don't be hesitate to call me, message, email me...will show u step by step & guide u along the way... Jommms make an appoinment with me now! :D

Just shoot me an email at
sms me 0126054267
for appointment

Sales Manager :)


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shazwani Hamid's E Day :)

Hello! :)

So, Last Sunday, on the 29th of January2012, I was invited to Shazwanihamid's engagement. Hihi. Serious macam tak caye je bila Wani bagi tau die nak tunang dahh.. haha.. OMG! I think now its the time where everyone around my age either getting engage or married. Aku ni je haa tak tau bile nak kawin. LoL :p

So, ( eh banyak 'so' lak aku) last Saturday, me singgah Bangsar Village 2 kejap, jumpe Wani because she want to give me her invitation card. Lawaaaaaa okeh kad die. Dah la buat sendiri. Design sendiri, print sendiri. Jimat kos! haha.

The invitation card. I like the back part, where " He purposed..and she said yes!". Haha, so comellllll :D

I asked my cousin, Aishah to teman me.Since I dont want to be alone there. haha. Gile mcm forever alone :p.

Aishah and me. My close cousin. We're like twins! kot.HAHA

Eh, dok membebel panjang2, lupa nak bgtau venue kat mane. haha. So, (so lagi) the ceremony was held dekat Villa Perdana, Jalan Semarak, in Kualaaaaa lumpurrrrr. Haha, aku tak tau knp aku eja Kl mcm tuh. hihi. Abaikan. As i was saying, venue dah la kat tgh2 KL kan, pastu event malam lak tu.. Nak drive pi sane mmg mcm agak malasss gak la. But lucky me, on that day also, my dad ponnn ade wedding dekat Dewan Merak Kayangan. So sebelah2 je tmpat kiteorng. haha. Memang pegi ngn abah je la.

Tapi wedding abah start awal, while Wani nye start around 8.30pm.. Nak tak nak, kene gak la g awal kan.. dah nek keta ngan abah..

Bila sampai2 je, mcm tak ramai org lagi. Haha, segannn gila. Sbb yg ade sume pon Relatives Wani kot. Tu pon x rmai sgt. Mase nak masuk tuh, tak sedar lak Razz dok kat dpn pintu. Haha, Razz nampak laen.. Maybe sbb songkok kot :p

Inside. The Pelamin and The Hantaransss. Hee

And this Wani, tgh sibuk bergambar.. Sebelom ramai lagi org dtg.. Princess of the day with two lil' princess.. hihi

Pihak rombongan lelaki arrived around 9 pm. And i knowwww, Wani dah tghh cuakk tuuu.. hihi
And if tak silap, pihak perempuan di wakili oleh bapa saudara Wani. (skema?)

And the discussion was goin on.. Banyak lah pantun sana sini. Hihi, best dengar :)

After much discussion, and both side agreed, now mase to sarung cincinnn!!! (Dup! Dap! Dup! Dap!) haha :p

Azhar's grandmother yang sarung kan cincin to jari manis Wani.. Awww, so comel okehh!! hihi.

Congratulationnnnnn!!!!!!! Ur engaged now Wani! hihi. (and sumpahhh, gmba ni aku burukk gila. Salah angle camera, i look soooooo chubby. pfffttt >_______< ). And may i say, i loveloveloveeee ur dress. Ur vail is so long, makes ur outfit even more prettier! seriously! Kalau lah aku ni lesbian, lame dah jatuh hati. Haha :p

The Hantarans. From both sides. 7 dulang from lelaki, dibalas 9 dulang from perempuan.

Lepas da sarung cincin, ape lagi nak buat? Dah tentu makannnnnnnnnnnnn :D :D :D

Antara banyak2 menu yg ade situ, aku makan semua! HAHA, Rugi wehh kalo tak makan. Ade meehun sup utara ( sedappp gila!!!! serious) , Nasi Beriyani lauk ayam and rendang pedas, Desserts such and bread pudding ( ni lagi satu sedapp! ), popia goreng, kuih seri muka (sedap gak), and some fruits. Air grape, since nak same tema which is purple, ngan air2 skali kaler purple. Haha :p

Happy Kid with Happy Face and Happy Tummy. Aku la tu.

This is kakak the sulong. Eh? Kak Iza Hamid. Finallyyyyyy, I get the chance to met her in person! She is so so so so cantikkkk. Even my mom pon kate kak Iza ni lawa. Hihi. Hai kakak, if ur reading this, HAI!!!! :D

Second, my 'mommy' , Hanis Haizi. Die ni tak yah cakap lahhh, mmg lawo! I love her style and fashion, sebab selalu laen dr yg laen among her sisters. U mmg paling vogue lahh mommy. Hihi :)

Third, is Wani. Hihi. U cantik malam tu. Sangat. And aku plak, dlm gmba ni bole plak nak tido kan? Oi bukak mate lahh! Mmg merosakkan gamba. -__-"

Around 11pm cmtu, me dah balikkk. Since abah pon dah abis with his function.. Sorry Wanyyy, tak dpt join group photo. Next time ye. hihi.

Owh, this little gift.Serioussssss sedapppp cokelat ni... nyesal lak xamik bnyak2.. haha :p

Again Wani, i nak say Congratulation to you, and Selamat menjadi tunangan orang!

10 months from nowwww Wani! hihi


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Im a Graduate now..

Im officially IMU Graduate now.. since August 2011.. hihi..

3 years in IMU wasn't that easy.. There's been up and down.. But overall, Alhamdulillah..

Please enjoy je la eh pictures.. malas nak type bnyak.. hihi

Thank you bestfriends.. Love you for million years to come :')

Alhamdulillah, finally mine :)

Sayang you, Doryn :')

Thank You Family.. Love you guys to death! :')

sorry gamba agak random and campor2.. hihi