Monday, May 31, 2010

After A While..


new wallet for me. Haih, yg lme pnye da koyak2 skit. Huhu, syg gle. Da la deardear yg bg. huhu.

xpe, now da ade yg bru, yg lme bole smpan lek lok. bg xjd lg burok. hehe.

xde mera. so, next colour would be pink. at least close to red, no?

xpe lah, jnji ade. hehe :)


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekend Gateway :)

*this post gonna be as simple as it can be. sori mls nk bwt pnjng2*

where was i last weekend??


we were staying at..

The Arrival :)

The Lobby.

Our room. Grand Garden Pool Villa. Nice.. :))

inside room. 2 king bed size. yeay!!

And this is our very own pool. A private pool, in our very own room. bestttttttt sgt!! :)

mmg swimming je keje. HAHA

The sisters. A night Walk :)

Beachhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :))))))))))))

and yes, i had fun time while in Port Dickson. lme x cuti2 mcm nie :)

A vain picture of me. Yucks! :pp haha

ok2, im gonna stop here.

eh, before that, i bought this two new shirts. i LOVE it so much!

i LOVE music :)

oh, that is soooooooooo me :)

ok, stop. end now. hehe


Monday, May 17, 2010

Industrial Training.

currently my practikal is here. sumwhere in port klang. yeah, u heard me, PORT KLANG -_-"

for 6 weeks.

3 weeks in Quality Control. another 3 weeks in packaging product.

rite now, im enjoying in the quality control lab. the seniors are nice and funny. Kak Gee, she's the one who gave me the work. also teach me to do some of the stability testing. its fun. as usual, report must be submitted. hehe.

on my first day of work, i've been doing some filling from one batch of tube to another batch of tube. do some arrangement of the files, did some stability testing n many more.

baru first day, da bwt mcm2. ngehhh. but it was ok la.

xpe, we'll see how is it tomorrow. wish me luck then.


Friday, May 14, 2010

grateful and Thankful

for my 22nd, i have 3 wishes. They are ;

bday celebration with my very besties. Checked!


32g iPod Touch. Checked!


Bracelet from Guess. Checked!

now, i got everything that i want for my 22nd. Am sooo being grateful and thankful.

million THANKS!!

*cant wait for my 23rd*


My 22nd : Part 2

went out with the boyfie. today and yesterday. having so so so much fun.
we eat, we laugh, we shop, we sing our hearts out, we merepek.. haha..

it has been 3 months since i last saw him. now he is here. to celebrate my bday. yeay,
how sweet of u honey.

n oh, the most sweetest thing ever, he gave me this. just like what i want for my bday.

yeay! bracelet from GUESS! oh me sooooo love it!!!

close up. teheee :)

random pict of us :)

Tutti Frutti :)

Sakae Sushi :). sungguh2 die ni makan. hehe :p


n oh, sempat bli ni td. red flat from Cotton On. hooyehh ^_^!

My 22nd : Part 1

Had a fabulous celebration with my very besties. didn't expect they gonna surprised me that way. haha. gud job guys. cuz was seriously had no idea. dgn joanna yg menggelabah. hahaha. actually u guys mcm da bg byk clue when i think back. like the discussion behind me, joanna yg ttba nk g toilet suro i teman. haha. gle blur mse tu. da mcm sedap nk nyanyi, jo sebok ajak g toilet. mcm, eee kaco ah org nk nyanyi. haha. but neway, i was surprised.

enjoy the pict ea, mls nk tulis byk3.. hee

lovely cupcakes from Wondermilk. oh, tq sgtt korng. serious sedap!

us. aqma, lyna, jo and me. wish mint was here. then it will be complete :')

now, i got the celebration already, im thankful. :)

*lovessss korng sgtttttt*


Tuesday, May 11, 2010


yesterday after i finish my final paper, Dr. Err came to me n asked me a favor.

she asked me whether im in a hurry or not. so i said no. since yesterday was my last

paper, so i guess its ok for me just to say a while. she said there's gonna be a

photoshoot. so i was like ok. at first i thought it was for the imu brocher. but

then again, i was thinking why is it only me n my other fren, jaswin?. becos we did

this before, n there was like a few of us. not only me and jaswwin. so i asked dr

err,what is it about. to my surprised, it actually for the newspaper. i was like,

ookaayy.. but why me? but nevertheless, we just go on with the photoshoot. took some

pictures of us acting like we were doing the experiment. i did the spectroscopy

thinging. then, later, Dr. Err did some interview with us to get out comment related

with our course.

this was the actuall email Dr. Err sent to me...

Dear Ashikin,

Thanks for having your photo taken. Quote from you in the article will be:

"Nor Ashikin binti Johari, another Year 2 student in the programme, enjoys the practical sessions especially on the preparation of pharmaceutical products such as emulsions and injectibles. With a good time management skill, she is also able to take up baking as her hobby despite her busy study schedule. "

Hope this is ok with you. Please let me know if you want to change anything by this friday14 May.

Happy holidays and enjoy your industrial training.

Dr Er

ngehh. malu saya. ahahaha..

so the paper will come out only somewhere in jun i think. The Star.

go get urself a copy. ceh ceh.



i dont know.

my bday this year??

biase aje. like normal everyday.

no celebration, no highlight whatsoever.

sedih x?

haih, xape lah.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Now i have a reason..

To smile the whole day. because of these two things....

a surprised package for me. didnt expect it at all. initially, i was out to check the mail box. to my suprised, saw this lying on the floor. curiously wanted to see wht is it, n its for me!!!!

hahaha, yeay!!!! n its from uuuuuuuuuuuuu..........

i mean who else lah kn.. hehe..

hehe, thank u so muchhhhhhhhh honeyyyyyy.. *hearts*

sweet lovely bday card. teheeeee~ <3<3<3 n oh, the sister bought this for me.. hoorayyy!!!!

nyummy2 cupcakes!!!!!

thnks guys..... *loves*


Thursday, May 6, 2010


another year older.




Sunday, May 2, 2010

betul, im innocent.

k, lame kn x update. hee.

now mcm mls nk tulis pnjg2, nk quick update je. :)

today pegi pyramid with dady n mamito. initial plan was to stay at home n finish study complementary medicine. but as usual lah kn, da duduk umah.. mmg x ah. HAHA.

xpe, no worries. xbyk pon lg. tngl sikit je. lg pon need release tnsion skejap. hihi

my tutti frutti. lme x mkn. my fav was the original flavor. with strawberries, kiwi, oreo sprinkle n also gummie bears. haha.

n oh, ter-bli ini td. sukeeeeeeee sgt! :DD

yeay! animal printed tee. woot woot. nice2! :D

ok, now get back to study. toodles! see ya after finals :)