Sunday, January 18, 2009


i've just finished watched anugerah juara lagu.. yupp.. congratulations to all the winners.. i must say.. big victory to faizal tahir.. i thnk he deserves it.. the song was good... evrythng.. the showmanship?? yeah, sumting was diferent..

well, congratulations again.

persembahan- faizal tahir
vokal-faizal tahir
balada-faizal tahir
etnik kreatif-farawahida
pop rock- meet uncle hussin

juara lagu- MEET UNCLE HUSSIN!!!!

yeayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! suke! suke! suke!

unexpected kn??.. they are telented.. admit it u guys...

hehehe.. tahniah2!!

*sori to all faizal tahir's fan.. i know korng mmg expect gle die mnang.. but not!! haha..*

mesti rmai x puas hati pas ni...


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