Saturday, January 10, 2009


like my last post said tht i really need to buy stuff for this new sem.. well, i did some shppng just now at pyrmd wth my sis..

let just see wht i bought..


yeay!! bli ksut is like the best thng to do...... n plus, mura sgt2 kot.. de diskaun lgi.. around 36 rnggt je kot.. mura kn??.. kn best kalo sume ksut2 around this price.. sumpah nti ari2 g shppng ksut jew.. ehek~ remember my last post?? ths flats cm sme je wht i wnt.. cume die x transparent.. huhu.. xpe2..



hahahaha.. finally ade gak pndrive.. lme nye rosak.. bodo tol!! nk mera.. tp xde.. ade pon pink n kuning.. so i amik la pink.. since it's da close one to red.. i hv my external disk.. but sj je nk pndve... sng nk bwk mne2.. external besa.. hehe~ *gedikk*



oh.. my notebooks.. terbli byk lak.. ahaha.. mcm la aku ni rjin sgt nk tulis notes kn.. padahal x pnh pon.. haha.. xpe2.. azam bru.. try to take important notes as much as i cn.. owh, if u cn see from the pict.. yg knan skli.. i bought an organizer too.. i realy3 need it..



last but not least.. some stationaries.. ade file, colour pen, blue ball pen n stcky notes.. huhu.. mcm2 je bli.. kalo bole, sume pon nk.. fyi, i love to loittering around the bookstores lme2.. dnt know la why.. tp rse cm beshh je.. seyes xtpo.. hehe..


well, if u notice.. kt my list tuh de kte nk bli blouse kn?? bt td x bli pon.. rse cm mls lak nk g crik2.. xpe2, tu x pntg.. kai ju kurung je la nti.. eheh~ *poyo*

k la.. i guess im done here...

*current mood : xsba nk g class.. sume bnde bruuuuu...

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