Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Seminar SM/SSM Dec 2011

Hello! :)

I know, i knowww.. This entry supposed publish lame dahhh.. butttt, heh.. selalu lupa nak post.. huhu..

Sooo, as u can see, this Seminar SM/SSM was held last december, 2011.. At Eastin Hotel..
So Basicly, seminar ni for new comers.. untuk bagi guide cm mne hala tuju and nak buat business ni.. And the speaker sume are actually our own leaders jugak.. Yang dah berpengalaman.. Semua CDM2 turun nak bagi ilmu.. Rugi siottt sape tak pegi..

Seminar SM/SSM @ Eastin Hotel

Inside the Hall.. ramai siottt datang.. alomost 300++ from all over Malaysia..

And on that day, i was wearing this!
Shirt : Burberry
Blazer : from Bazaar
Flower croshet : by ShazwaniHamid
Pants : Marks n Spencer
Shoe : Flats from Bandung

And these are barisan speaker.. our very own leader.. sangat komiitted okayy diorang nih..

The event was start of with speaker dari CDM Razali.. Even guys pon jual business corset, and boleh je dapat CDM..

CDM Razali berkenaan tajuk Takwim Syarikat dan Takwim Kumpulan. This guy is sooo funnyyyyyy.. hahaha :))

Then ade CDM Salha..

She talked about "Internet Business". Since mostly our business based on the internet. Premium beautiful business using FB/Blog as a main tools dunia tanpa tanpa had..!! After all, CDM Salha also known as CDM Kamikaze.. kenape?? jengjengjeng.. hihi

Next is CDM Mai.. Orang nye kecik molek.. tapi, kecil2 cipi padi hokayy.. hihi

Her topic was was "Berkongsi" .... macam mana nak jumpa client, apa nk buat n etc...segala2nya di ajar... senang je.. x yah korang nak pecah kepala nak fikir sorang2...senang shj business ni. .Just Follow the leader and rajin ambil ilmu... CONFIRM JADI!

I like her presentation.. mcm cool and bersahaja.. haha..

And of course, Seminar tak kan lengkap tanpa dgr suara from my very own Leader/Sifu/Mummy, CDM Hanis Haizi.. hihi..
I Love You, Mommy :')

Mase Hanis tgh buat presentation, aku lah org yg paling fokus skali kat dewan tuh.. Ngantok ape sume ilang!! haha.. Punya nak dengar every word yg die ckp.. Slot Hanis is "Kongsi Semangat".. dengan title "DREAM BIG".. fuhh, teruja hokayy i dgr.. haha

To be successful, we must start of with a dream.. Kene ade Impian and Matlamat yang jelas.. Then, di susuli dgn usaha, rujuk leader, hadir kelas ilmu, tawakal, sentiasa muhasabah kan diri.. Semua2 tu sangat pentingg kot.. Leader kiteorng pon tak pernah jemu pesan bende yang same everytime.. InsyaAllah, kalau kita di lorong yang betol, kita pasti berjaya :)

Mase slot HAnis tu pon, die ade suro buat activity sket,, hihi.. Tulis surat cinta to our own leader..Kene tulis pasal impian n matlamat for 2012.. So i wrote mine.. And.... hehe..

Surat Chenta :p

Makan pon sodapp... Serious! Ni Lunch.. Breakfast, Hi Tea lupa mik gamba.. haha

Best part is, i went there with my friendssss... :D

Even im the youngest among them, but hepiiii sgt dpt kwn dengan org yang tak sama umur, i mean lebih tua sikit la... hihihi,,... jgn mara aaa pngil tua.. hikss ;p

Hai Intan :D

Yani, Hanis, Alynn and me :)

Alynn and Yani lah selalu with me all the time dlm kelas.. even balik pon kdg2 same2. hihi

I rindu you, Yani :)

So overall, to me this seminar was successful lah.. Enden around 6Pm something kot.. Sebab me awal2 pukol 5 lbih dah cabut.. hiks.. nak buat cmne, perlu ke ipoh pula lps tu.. hihi

Ended this post with a group photo..

Together We Achieve More = T.E.A.M !!


Monday, October 24, 2011

I've been Invited! :)


Victorian Tea Party!!

Hosted by Shazwani Hamid!

Received an email from her last friday.. And was sooo excited for it! hihi Cant Wait!!

Thanks for the invitation babe.. And will see you at the party! hihi

p/s`: What to wearrrrrrr ?? gulp :/


Friday, October 14, 2011

Art Mart @ Uitm Archifest Expression!

Hey Everyone!

No plans on weekends? Well I'm here inviting you to join in the fun with Art Mart @ Uitm Archifest Expression!

Open to public in general, Art Mart will be held from 10.00 am till 6.00 pm on 15th October 2011 (Saturday) which will be held at Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Surveying, UiTM Shah Alam.

Me and my friends will be there, and pleaseeeeeee visit to our booth! hihi. I will bring my Premium Beautiful! :)

So girls, i think this is your chance to know more about Premium Beautiful, or even Lactolite!

PB is the only corset with SUPERBRAND!!


And did you know what these two can to do you? Look at Kak Ana her self..

Beautifully transformed from 98kg-55kg!!! This is for real ladiesss.....

Owh tak lupa juga my leader, HANIS HAIZI..

Look how she can earn 6 figure bonus every month!!!

Interested? Do and come join us at Art Mart @ Uitm Archifest Expression!

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Business Card ;)

Mase mula-mula join business ni Hanis ade mention, kalau ade business card sendiri lagi bagos. Senang mase jumpe client, boleh bagi sekeping ke kan? Lagi pon business card ni kan dah mcm identiti kita jugak. Hehe

So, i thought myself to design one for myself. Nak design sendiri mmg gila tak pandai ah kannn... Ape itu adop ilustrater pon tak tauuuu... HAHAHAHA.. gila noob -.-

So, when it comes to design, immediately kepala ni ingat dekat KIMI!!.. Haha.. Why? Sebab i know, she's good. I mean, SO GOOD!!.. Bab design2 ni die mmg terar.. dah la teral, pandai lak tuh.. Ni bukan bodek eh, ni serious betol.. hehe

Pernah la gak tgk design die dekat blog die.. hehe.. Silent reader blog kimi nih.. :D

Okeh, cakap banyak pon tak gunaaaa kaaannn?? Nah kad yg Kimi design.. Actually de banyak.. tapi yg ni berkenan di hati.. hehe



Cantik kannnnnnnnn? Maceh Imi, Love uuuu.. Muah2!! Haha :D

THANKS JUGAK to you Honey!! hehe.. susah2 je u jadi org tgh deal kan design dengan kimi.. Maceh banyakk2.. sayang u! Hehe.. Nanti tuntut dekat i aiskrim okeh? ;p


p/s : mane nak print kad yg murah? hehe

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Hot Date :)

15 August 2011 / 15 Ramadhan 1432H

Monday, went to Midvalley with someone. Who? Hehehehe...


Shazwani Hamid :). Cantik kannnnnnnnnnn die? hehe

Dah lameee sgt nak jumpe die. Finally, we meet. Thanks for coming darl! heee

She evennnn teman me carik kasut for my convo. Heeeeee... :D :D :D


Close up :)

Not only that, we did a lil shopping in ZARA

Miss Wany at the counter.


Overall, its nice to be around her. We talk alot! Hehehe. Biasa lah, kami kan kepochi. Haha ;p

Sampai one time tuh, dua2 dah tak larat jalan, stop kejap duduk dekat kerusi, and smbung cakap lagi. Haha ;p

We had our iftar at Delicious..

While waiting to buka...

I had this...

Spicy Crab pasta something something. Haha lupe name ;p

And wani had some green chicken curry. And its sooooooooo sedap i tell u. Too bad lupa nak snap gamba. Hehe..

And most of the time, I listened to her story. Haha, this girl kalau bercerita mmg penuh semangat. hihi.

Well, all i can say is its nice to be around her. Dah la cantik, Lawa pulak tuh. Lepas tu sebok cakap die gemok. Eeeee, you tak gemok pon lah..!! Haha..

Anyway, Thanks for the day Wani. Hehe. Thank youuuu sgt sbb sudi keluar ngn I. Its nice to finally meet you. Heeeee :D

Lepas makan makan, then finally its time to go home..

Till we meet again Miss Wani :)


I may not be..

I may not be the prettiest girl,
I may not be the tallest girl,
I may not be the smartest girl,
I may not be the cutest girl,
I may not be the skinniest girl,
I may not be the funniest girl,
I may not be the gorgeous girl,
I may not be the sexiest girl,
I may not be the nicest girl,
I may not be the richest girl,
I may not be the perfect girl..

But one thing i know..

I'm the girl who has heart and feelings.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The beauty of Premium Beautiful

I used to be like this...

But NOW............!!!

TADAAAAAAAAAAAAA.............. :))))

Do you want to look great, and feel great about yourself?

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Credit Card!

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Business Oppurtunity

Nak buat extra money every month tak??

Starting at Rm 3000++

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Hot Cakes!

Stocks set Premium Beautiful dalam tangan tinggal beberapa sets je lagi. Yang lain2 sume dah gone customers beli.

And rata2 customer memang sangat puas hati dengan Premium Beautiful.

Anda bila lagi??

So sesiapa yang belum lagi pakai Premium Beautiful, what are you waiting for?! hurryy babe!

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PB boleh memulihkan sakit-sakit berikut:

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And macam macam lagi lah..

Prevention is better than cure kan?

So, saya dah pakai. Anda bila lagi?

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PB Beauty Facts

This time buat entry bergamba pulak ya :)


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Meeting with My Mentor :)

2nd August 2011/ 2 Ramadhan 1432H

Second day of puasa.

Woke up this morning almost 11am. Heh, tak senonoh anak dara bgn lambat :p Nak buat cmne, bukan sengaja pon. hehe

Tgh golek2 depan tv, dapat message from my leader, Hanis Haizi. Kate jumpe dekat The Curve pukol 12. Haha, kelam kabut bgn pegi mandi siap2 ape sume.

So we meet up. Dekaaaaatttt..........


Yupp, u heard me right. HAHA. Tapi bukan g mkn ape pon, just duduk situ and discuss bout our business.

Seriously, i love my leader. Sentiasa beri tunjuk ajar and tak pernah kedekut ilmu! Orang kate, kita kalau nak berjaya, sentiasa dekat kan diri kita dengan orang yang bejaya jugak. Baru lah aura tuh sampai! hehe

And dalam bisness nih, kita kene sentiasa dekat kan diri kita dan sentiasa bulat hati dengan leader kita. Sebab tuh im always carik peluang nak bertemu dgn Hanis ni. Guna kan peluang yang sebaik mungkin dan cuba dapat kan ilmu, serta sentiasa rujuk dengan leader kita.


This is my Super Great Leader! HANIS HAIZI and me :)

Then lepas abis jumpe Hanis, me gerak pegi cold storage dekat Ikano. Konon nye nak carik lahh taugehh kan?? Skali takde pulakkkkkk... aiseh :p

Last2 jln sorang2, beli nih...


So you out there, what are you waiting for?? Contact me now and book your appointment!


The Right Way :)

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(4) Perbetulkan kedudukan keseluruhan sehingga anda merasa selesa.

Kedua : Long Bra
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