Friday, January 9, 2009

gathered n gossip-ing...

as i lazy-ing around at my hse ths late evening.. my dear bff text me.. asked me to join her eat aiskrim at mc'd.. so i said yesss n she picked me up..

while we were in the car, she told us tht eza is coming too..

i was like.... seriously???.. goshh.. it's been ages since i last saw her.. miss tht gurll soooo muchhy2!!!

bile da ketemu nie, pe lagi la kn... borak cm nk rak jew.. cm mc'd tu kteowng nye jew.. hahahaha.. try to catch up wth each othrs..

owh.. only ths pict yg ley jmpe.. goshhh... its so waayyyy bck in 2005.. it's been 4 years now..

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Lyna said...

sbt la nama bff tue