Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekend Gateway :)

*this post gonna be as simple as it can be. sori mls nk bwt pnjng2*

where was i last weekend??


we were staying at..

The Arrival :)

The Lobby.

Our room. Grand Garden Pool Villa. Nice.. :))

inside room. 2 king bed size. yeay!!

And this is our very own pool. A private pool, in our very own room. bestttttttt sgt!! :)

mmg swimming je keje. HAHA

The sisters. A night Walk :)

Beachhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :))))))))))))

and yes, i had fun time while in Port Dickson. lme x cuti2 mcm nie :)

A vain picture of me. Yucks! :pp haha

ok2, im gonna stop here.

eh, before that, i bought this two new shirts. i LOVE it so much!

i LOVE music :)

oh, that is soooooooooo me :)

ok, stop. end now. hehe


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