Friday, May 14, 2010

My 22nd : Part 2

went out with the boyfie. today and yesterday. having so so so much fun.
we eat, we laugh, we shop, we sing our hearts out, we merepek.. haha..

it has been 3 months since i last saw him. now he is here. to celebrate my bday. yeay,
how sweet of u honey.

n oh, the most sweetest thing ever, he gave me this. just like what i want for my bday.

yeay! bracelet from GUESS! oh me sooooo love it!!!

close up. teheee :)

random pict of us :)

Tutti Frutti :)

Sakae Sushi :). sungguh2 die ni makan. hehe :p


n oh, sempat bli ni td. red flat from Cotton On. hooyehh ^_^!


Hana Jaffar said...

i was in sunway tadi. aisey. kalau tak boleh tumpang makan sushi. :p

me_ash said...

Haha.. Asl xgtau.. Bole Hana blnja sushi .. Hehe