Sunday, May 2, 2010

betul, im innocent.

k, lame kn x update. hee.

now mcm mls nk tulis pnjg2, nk quick update je. :)

today pegi pyramid with dady n mamito. initial plan was to stay at home n finish study complementary medicine. but as usual lah kn, da duduk umah.. mmg x ah. HAHA.

xpe, no worries. xbyk pon lg. tngl sikit je. lg pon need release tnsion skejap. hihi

my tutti frutti. lme x mkn. my fav was the original flavor. with strawberries, kiwi, oreo sprinkle n also gummie bears. haha.

n oh, ter-bli ini td. sukeeeeeeee sgt! :DD

yeay! animal printed tee. woot woot. nice2! :D

ok, now get back to study. toodles! see ya after finals :)


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