Friday, May 14, 2010

My 22nd : Part 1

Had a fabulous celebration with my very besties. didn't expect they gonna surprised me that way. haha. gud job guys. cuz was seriously had no idea. dgn joanna yg menggelabah. hahaha. actually u guys mcm da bg byk clue when i think back. like the discussion behind me, joanna yg ttba nk g toilet suro i teman. haha. gle blur mse tu. da mcm sedap nk nyanyi, jo sebok ajak g toilet. mcm, eee kaco ah org nk nyanyi. haha. but neway, i was surprised.

enjoy the pict ea, mls nk tulis byk3.. hee

lovely cupcakes from Wondermilk. oh, tq sgtt korng. serious sedap!

us. aqma, lyna, jo and me. wish mint was here. then it will be complete :')

now, i got the celebration already, im thankful. :)

*lovessss korng sgtttttt*


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