Monday, May 17, 2010

Industrial Training.

currently my practikal is here. sumwhere in port klang. yeah, u heard me, PORT KLANG -_-"

for 6 weeks.

3 weeks in Quality Control. another 3 weeks in packaging product.

rite now, im enjoying in the quality control lab. the seniors are nice and funny. Kak Gee, she's the one who gave me the work. also teach me to do some of the stability testing. its fun. as usual, report must be submitted. hehe.

on my first day of work, i've been doing some filling from one batch of tube to another batch of tube. do some arrangement of the files, did some stability testing n many more.

baru first day, da bwt mcm2. ngehhh. but it was ok la.

xpe, we'll see how is it tomorrow. wish me luck then.


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donna said...

the tag says hoe! haha, nakal sangat otak i ni. =_="