Tuesday, May 11, 2010


yesterday after i finish my final paper, Dr. Err came to me n asked me a favor.

she asked me whether im in a hurry or not. so i said no. since yesterday was my last

paper, so i guess its ok for me just to say a while. she said there's gonna be a

photoshoot. so i was like ok. at first i thought it was for the imu brocher. but

then again, i was thinking why is it only me n my other fren, jaswin?. becos we did

this before, n there was like a few of us. not only me and jaswwin. so i asked dr

err,what is it about. to my surprised, it actually for the newspaper. i was like,

ookaayy.. but why me? but nevertheless, we just go on with the photoshoot. took some

pictures of us acting like we were doing the experiment. i did the spectroscopy

thinging. then, later, Dr. Err did some interview with us to get out comment related

with our course.

this was the actuall email Dr. Err sent to me...

Dear Ashikin,

Thanks for having your photo taken. Quote from you in the article will be:

"Nor Ashikin binti Johari, another Year 2 student in the programme, enjoys the practical sessions especially on the preparation of pharmaceutical products such as emulsions and injectibles. With a good time management skill, she is also able to take up baking as her hobby despite her busy study schedule. "

Hope this is ok with you. Please let me know if you want to change anything by this friday14 May.

Happy holidays and enjoy your industrial training.

Dr Er

ngehh. malu saya. ahahaha..

so the paper will come out only somewhere in jun i think. The Star.

go get urself a copy. ceh ceh.



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xd nme wany pn?agaga

oke..tbe2 =.=..hihi