Thursday, April 9, 2009

potions by ME!

ok. it's my first so called medicated syrup. not just normal syrup, or korng kate 'air gula'..

but ths one actually contains drugs. yeap!. mcm cool gle kn?? oh plss la,,, hehe...

ok2, mari tgk potions nye...


hehehe.. nmpk cm air bese je kn???. tp x kot.

this syrup very the melekit. haha. da kte syrup, cm ala-ala air gule la gak..

we melt the sucrose wth water for almost 1 hour. fuuhhh, bejanggut aku tggu nk bg die tol2 dissolved. mne tak nye. we weighed sucrose quite a lot la gak. kalo x trok byk, nti jd phit kot. hehe.

in the mean time, smentra nk tggu die cair, we mix drugs, ethanol and gylcerine. mule2 mcm tkot gak nk prepared kn awl2. because i thnk ethanol nie very flammable. means sgt muda terbkr if dkt kn wth any heat or fire. but thnk god nthng hapen. :D

den bile da siap sume, we just mix evrythng up. simple je. but takes time. da siap, pe lgi, camwhoring wth my lab partner... FARAH!!..

kerja gilakk. hehe. (^_*)

oke2. pose cntek2.

hehe. but we never tasted da drug pon.

gile pe??. da la xtau biavailability die. heh..

oh, spot the green thingy on my head?? yaeh, prof ignatio made us wearing it. knon cm safety la. tah ape2 je. huhu. xpe2, angp je la cool gle pkai tuh. =.=!


donna said... lab partner =) =) =)

anis said...

cool syikin pakai shower cap. XD

me_ash said...

to farah: ye2 oja, mari bwt drugss bykkkkkkkk2 lgi! :D

to anis: haha, cool ke?? mcm cacat je i tgk i pkai.. :p