Tuesday, April 7, 2009

awkward lunch??

hmm, xtau la..

but i had my lunch with simon today. plik gak la kn??

we never had lunch together b4.

but just now he did asked me wether i wnt to eat wth him or not.

so i was thnkng, bole je la kot. since i've been doing asgmnt wth him just now.

so, tman kan je la die mkn. lgipon i was realyyyyyyy hungry at tht time.

we bought food kt luar. me mcm biase mkn nsi, simon?? i thnk wht u called tht ah... yong tau fu is it?? tah, ye la kot.

so we mknmkn, n borak2. then im now in the library wth him. again. accompany him kejap to write the email to our lab manager.

i guess tu je kot. haku mau p toilet. sejukkkkkkkkkkkk... mau,.... phm2 sndri.

klass pon da nk start.


spend too much time wth simon eh??. xpe, for project purpose ONLY!.

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