Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fashion Week in Midvaley and Gardens

ye. this weekend i went to midvaley and gardens wth my mum. since ade fashion week, so, sj je la g usha2 kt sne. hehe.

i took this pamplet as i walked in the midvaley. to see wht kind of events they have. mostly got fashion show la of course. and also got great deals from outlet that participate. aaannnnnnndddd... if we spent over rm250 in a specialty store, we can get a free makeover!! *screammm*. hehe.

the 'menu' inside...

after we are done in midvaley... n found nothng that fancy me.. we were heading to gardens lak..

as we walked passed the bridge, i saw this ....

shopping presription.

haha.. bnde ni cm nk ngata aku jeh.. terase lak ble tgk.. huhu.. but in a nice way la kn..

so, wht they have there is like a mini counter in the centre of the bridge. they actually have ths counter to open registration to become a Robinson's membership. haaa?? apekahh ayt aku neh??..

i was attracted to it. sbb i dunno why la kn, but i like to become any membership from any store. haha. plik kn. maybe suke kot nti bole dpt benefits die. hehe.

so, i was asking tht lady how to become a member. she said just fil up the form, bring it to the customer service counter in robinson at level 2, not in 5 minutes, ur membership card is ready. pluussssssss... with these great voucher. muahahahahaha...

the application.

my membership card.

along wth that, they also give these items..

a booklet tht full wth great vouchers inside. mostly cn be used inside the gardens only. seyes beshh gilakk. bole gne smpai bile2. wohooo~

first page. knon2 nk bwt cm prescription la knon. ceh2. hehe

voucher lagi. but only can be used till next week. anyone yg nk ke? bole.. tp sile byr >.<

everything was put inside these free shopping bag. they have in black too.

hehe. suke2 >.<

but kteowng kjp je kt sne. mls nk stay lme2. aku pon pnt. ltih x ilng woo.

oke. time utk blik. sblh tu ibu.

venue : the gardens' lift.

*Great weekend (^_^). toodles~*

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Lyna said...

asl xbw ak jejln same ??? hahaha