Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Month

yupp. it's the time of the month alredi. hehe. phm ke??

sooooooo, to prepare myself up,... kluar la g crik brg. N i bought this insteed. hehe, sgt comel ok!.

it's a limited edition kotex overnight extra long wing. it comes with 16 pads. hehe. the box is so cute. its pink with black polka dot and got riben also!. this box kalo bukak, looks like a mini drower.
in case my pad da abis, bole la nk smpn brg laen. or top up wth another pad. bole bwt tmpt smpn pad. hehe. cantekcantek.
sukeeeeeeeeeee sgt.!
plus, it's cheap. i bought this at rm 9.80 only. dkt watson. so pe lgi, g la bli people!!!
x period pon xpe, bli siap2! :D

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