Sunday, May 3, 2009

my wish list!!

hey, since my bday is just around the corner, so sj nk buat wish list...

kot2 dpt la kan..


oke, lets go one by one...

1) cute stilettos, handbag cupcakes... oh, really want this... *aishah, buat kn... hehe*

2) watch by guess. oh, i like the gold one.. waiting from abh.. hope dpt.. hehe..

3) pink clutch. this one from forever 21. but any cute pink clutch will do. i need in pink to go along wth my outfit. now im realize im lack in pink handbag. but i wnt a clutch. heh

4) more and more headband. oh, im more into headband or 'cekak' sgt2. i have lots of collection at home. xcye tnye frah.. kn frah?? haha.. oke2, but i wnt somethng like this. this one from forever 21 also.

5) more and more wedges!!! especially like ths one. me like it. plus it's in RED. totally my fav!!

6) make up set by M.A.C. oh, along with its brush set. huhu. sgt2 nak. but i thnk i reward myself wth this.. koooooooooottttttttttttt... hehe. see budget dlu >.<

7) a pyjamas from La Senza. hehe, super cute!!

8) a red ipod. since my mp3 rosak already.. now move on to ipod lak..

9) indulge my self with an ice cream. especially from baskin robin. ehemm2, ade owg tu da jnji nk blnje.. haha . nak die stack mcm nie.. bole?? >.<

10) a bed sheet like this. :))

11) coloured bangles.

i guess till here je la kot.. i'll update if i miss anythng.


3 days left


donna said...

awak....mana ada duit nak bagi semua tu. =(

me_ash said...

haha, farah.. bkn i pkse u bli pon..
kn i da kte nk u blnje i mkn aiskrim kt imu je nti..
bole? :p

anis said...

wah wah! Ade orang nak masuk 21 dah nnt! woot woot! :ppp

Tapi kan wak, saye agree lah ngan farah. Takde duit lah sygku..:(