Wednesday, May 27, 2009


this was came to our hse ths morning.

11 a.m sharp. me, still wearing the pyjamas, i lil excited ran down the stairs.

with smiling face (actually busuk, lom mandi lg. haha), watched them as they transfer the packages inside the hse..
wanna know wht it is???

yeah. total boxes = 13 all of them.

erm, if im not mistaken, 1 box contains shoes, 2 boxes contains kitchen's stuff and the rest, all clothes. gile byk bju???

and oh, not only that, but got this also...

yupp. 4 luggages. i thing mainly cloths, and other mini stuff. kott... tah la..

we've been waiting all of these since last week. dgr kate org tu ckp the MAS kargo snggah germany dlu. aikk?? brg2 ni da smpai germany dlu dri aku?? ciss~

oh ya, brg ni sume from kazakhstan. my parents da pndh blik msia for good. :))

now, i cnt wait to unpacked all of them. but, kalo bukak sume skli, mne nk trok??

isk3... umah bru plssss~


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