Wednesday, November 26, 2008

yeay me!!!

yeayyyyyy.... it's like OMG!! i finally hv my owg bloggg.... its has been a long time since i really really wanna to do it.. haha.. knowing tht my bff doin it wthout telling me... ceh.. huhu.. now, im not gonna tell them tht i hv one.. find it ur own... ngah3... oh2, wht did i do today.. hrmmm...
pgi2 lg da kuar ngn aisyh... g arprt subng... go get my stuff.. den lpk parade jp.. aisyh made me bought that shirt... nvamnd, only like rm10.. ok lah.. hehe.. now im stuck in her place.. doin ths blog while wondering wht's my bubu doin rte now.. probaly hvin gud tme wth his frens... yeah, i made him go to that picnic.. since his frens calling me to bag him.. haih, wht to do.. oh, gtg.. aqma msg me alreadi.. nk g her place lak... i guess tht's for now... daaaaa~

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