Friday, November 28, 2008

TWILIGHT day out..

Zdrasvooi'ta.. well at least tht's wht russian said 'hello'.. i woke up early ths morning.. at 8.45.. haha, i myself couldnt believe it.. yup, movie is at 11.. we booked the tcket alreadi.. but we arrived a bit late.. nevamnd, we managed to get ourself the tcket.. speaking of which, we seat 3rd row from the front.. haih.. the movie was not bad.. hehe, i must say... edward cullen is a hothot hunk!!!! hahaha..
we lunch at sushi.. suddenly i 'mengidam' sushi.. hehe.. then, we went for a bit of shppng.. i bought this yellow shirt like rm20 only at FOS.. i dnt know wht's up wth me.. i kept buying stuff from fos.. haih.. mayb probaly i was soooo kedekut kot.. haha.. got to save some for the rainy days.. after all, i've got 2 more months for my holiday.. it shld be enough tme for me to go shopshopshop!!! hehe..

at sushi

muke concentrate mkn.. hehe

i bought ths shrt. it's yellow ok!!

then we continue jlnjln.. oh btw, did i mentioned tht there were a snow at pyrmd..?? i know it's fake...but wht the heck.. it's snow babbyyyyy!!!! check ths out..


at first i thought to get some present for my bestie.. so we drop by kat memory lane.. i saw ths bear tht just caught my eyes.. why?? bcos it simply in red.. duhh~ kinda cute u know.. wish my bubu bought it for me.. sayang, it's only like rm 98 je.. bole kn?? kn??.. after tgk2 pnye lme.. i decided kluar frm there.. nthg fancy to buy la.. sori..

my kazen bought her self a dress.. whch is nice on her.. i like it.. at first i thought to get my self one.. since my imu ball is coming.. whch is on march 09, hehe.. but as usual, kedekut.. haha..

sayang, yang ni tau3.. hehe

my kazen wth her dress..

after da pnt jln, we balik around 3pm.. kinda tired shpng td.. bkn bli ape pon.. jln jew lbey.. xpe, exercise.. hehe..

blik tgk high school musical 2.. den smbg tgk final destination 3. tht's bout it for today. pnt dah!! later peeps!!!!

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aishuhuhuz said...

edward cullen is mine! amek la jasper. hehe.