Thursday, November 27, 2008


olla peeps... today is officially my 4th day since my holiday started.. haih.. im starting to get bored already.. woke up late, wtch tv, eat, bath, cont wtchng tv, sleep.. tht's all i did everyday.. boring huh!! yeah, pretty much.. hmm.. but today i hv to woke up a bit early.. got to search my mom's letter frm sumting sumting for my mara aplication.. haih, kinda dissapointed.. cnt find it though.. mne la ibu ltk oiiii... pnt crik stu umh.. huhu, nevamnd.. i solved da prblm alredi.. no worries.. yeay me!! haha.. oh today, i didn't msg my bubu like i always did.. why?? cuz i was tooooooo bz looking for tht letter.. haih.. sori sayang.. didnt mean to do tht.. den afta da pnt crik, (bkn jmpe pon).. tetido.. br reply msg bubu 1 2.. da krroooohhhhh... haha.. xpe2, i'll mke up wth u at nite k? we will ym-ing till lebam like we always do.. hehe..

oh, i wtched high school musical just now.. da 1st one.. yeah, i must say.. i like it u know.. the dancing n singing makes me wanna be part of da show.. haha, dream on!! well, at least i hv a dream rite??.. hehe..

oh2, today is thursday.. tht's means 2moro is friday.. now i remember.. i hv a date 2moro wth my kazen.. yeah, we r going to wtch twilight.. speaking of which, im not really sure wht movie is about.. haha, silly me!.. wel, i did asked aishah wht is it about.. she told me is about a good vampire bla bla bla.. i didnt really listen to her.. hehe.. still didn't get any clue.. hrmm, nevamind then.. i'll guess i hv to wait 2moro..

u know, while im doin ths blog.. my sis suddenly pop-in my room.. whch kinda surprise me.. cuz i saw her walking into my room holding her purse.. u know wht's tht means?? yupp, i get my 'duit poket' from her alreadi.. at 1st, i was kinda srprse de amount tht she gve me.. usually not tht muchh.. but i'll take it.. hey, sp nk tolak rezeki kn?? hehe..

k la, i thnk i wrote pretty much alreadi.. while waiting my bubu finish tgk cite antu die.. hehe.. oi buchuk, u kalo x ley tito mlm ni, jgn crik i ek... haha.. joking2.. k la.. daaaaaa~~~ see u guys real soooonnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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