Sunday, November 30, 2008


It's sunday people!!! hehehe.. i went to gombak ths morning.. mk pidah wnted to get her hair done.. washng, colouring.. normal stuff she used to do.. i decided not to join her.. insteed i went to hafiz's cribs.. mk pdh asked me to buy some groceries.. me n hafiz took off to carefour..

haha, funny thng is.. smpai jew kat carefour.. suddenly it went blackout.. i was like wht the fuck is ths man.. cm ne nk bli brg oii!!.. lucky us, inside the carefour x blckout pon.. only cm kdai2 kt lua tu je..

after evrythng done, we went to jj.. (insteed u dnt know, i'ts JAYA JUSCO) .. we planned had our lunch at johnny's.. mkn steamboat!!.. yummmm3.. boy, the food is yumm-meh.. n hot n spicy.. haha.. me n hafiz tried our best to finish up everythng.. knyg gle kot mkn.. oh btw, i BELANJA him oke!! hehe.. how nice of me.. (kembang2)

hafiz show sum skills.

while we boiled it..

ready to EAT!!!!..

as i passed through the shop, suddenly sumting caught my eyes.. whch is the 50% sign at maggie T .. i went straight inside the shop n saw ths beautiful cheetah-pink-printed pillow.. it's not lke im obssessed wth the cheetah gurl.. but hey, i've got it like half of the price ok.. hehe.. as soon i saw it, i just knew i wanted to buy it.. i thought i can put it inside my car.. other than that, i aslo buy sum present for my bestie.. since i cldnt find it tht day at pyrmd.. well, i thnk its worth it.. hopes she like it..

my pink pillow!!

after everythng is done, we drove back to gombak.. n mk pdh is home already.. me n mk pdh went straight back to subang.. da smpai, tdo smpai ptg cm bese.. hehe..

another great weekend for me.. thnk so.. hmm..


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