Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Hot Date :)

15 August 2011 / 15 Ramadhan 1432H

Monday, went to Midvalley with someone. Who? Hehehehe...


Shazwani Hamid :). Cantik kannnnnnnnnnn die? hehe

Dah lameee sgt nak jumpe die. Finally, we meet. Thanks for coming darl! heee

She evennnn teman me carik kasut for my convo. Heeeeee... :D :D :D


Close up :)

Not only that, we did a lil shopping in ZARA

Miss Wany at the counter.


Overall, its nice to be around her. We talk alot! Hehehe. Biasa lah, kami kan kepochi. Haha ;p

Sampai one time tuh, dua2 dah tak larat jalan, stop kejap duduk dekat kerusi, and smbung cakap lagi. Haha ;p

We had our iftar at Delicious..

While waiting to buka...

I had this...

Spicy Crab pasta something something. Haha lupe name ;p

And wani had some green chicken curry. And its sooooooooo sedap i tell u. Too bad lupa nak snap gamba. Hehe..

And most of the time, I listened to her story. Haha, this girl kalau bercerita mmg penuh semangat. hihi.

Well, all i can say is its nice to be around her. Dah la cantik, Lawa pulak tuh. Lepas tu sebok cakap die gemok. Eeeee, you tak gemok pon lah..!! Haha..

Anyway, Thanks for the day Wani. Hehe. Thank youuuu sgt sbb sudi keluar ngn I. Its nice to finally meet you. Heeeee :D

Lepas makan makan, then finally its time to go home..

Till we meet again Miss Wani :)


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