Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What We Do Best...

Eating!! n eat n eat n eat.. haha

this time, Steamboat!! :)

had the session with the wifeyys just now.. man i tell u.. we all sanggup x mkn whole day just to get ourself hungray so that we can stuff our tummy with lots n lots n lots of foooooddd! hihi...

aqma pick us up around 5 pm n tros g mkn mkn.. hehe...then later, went to pyramid for another round of baskin robin. haha, gle nk muntah dah...

aqma happy gle coz xrmai org. hehe

pilih kak, pilih2.. hehe :p


and during makan, we all bole sembang pasal bola. HAHA. that is soo not us to talk bout football. ngeh :p

n oh, that day aqma went to mlaka n singapore, and she got me this lovely sourvinor. tehee..

a flower-paper-clip?? i think soo..

Betty Boop pin.. yeay!! cntikkkkk.... <3>
purple flower earing. gorjes!! now i can wear it with my baju kurung for raya. yeayy2!! :D

and oh, another wifey, liyana went to bali for her vacation, and she got me this..

I Love Bali bag. hehe, thanks!

munchas graciasss babesss.. mmuaahhhxxx!!!


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