Saturday, June 5, 2010

Love Generation Sexy

What's up wth the title??

Hehe, it my new perfume bought today.Its soooooooooo cute! i couldnt resist it!!

see see.. even the packaging pon da comel gile. sayang kot nk buang kotak die nie.. hihi..

auuwww! the bottle is sooo cute! siap ade bulubulu lagi.. hihi :)

ooyehhh!!! I bought it not because its cute, but it smells nice too! i like perfume that have a fruitty smell rather than n flowery kind of smell. And, definitely a no-no perfume yg have such a strong smell. bluekks!! cannot tahan wehh...

n td jln2 jap kt sne, n saw this one perfect bed! mummy, cn i have it plsssss....

it's red, it's single n its perfect! nmpk sgt classy. oh me want it sooooooooooo bad! uhuk :(

too bad die x trok how much the price. isk isk.

the datails. cntik kan??? perfecto...

btw, i like single bed. not queen, not king. heh :p

have a good weekend people! ^_^


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