Monday, June 28, 2010

HOE Pharmaceuticals

My training session was from 17th may til 25th of june in HOE Pharmaceuticals in Port Klang.

so today would be my first day of holiday after that freakin 6 weeks of practicals. i must say, i do enjoy working there. especially in the QC lab. rather than in production part. boring gle kot dok kat production.

im gonna miss kak ida, kak gee, kak mas, ana, siti, kak yus, kak ija, kak su, nia and the rest lah. they treat us very nice and they kinda fun too! hihi.

so here is just a random ptoho we took on our last day of practicals.

so yeah, mls nk explain satu2. hehe



wany dolly said...

mcm besh je kaka..
nk kai cmtu jugak!!


me_ash said...

mau pkai??
bole2.. nah amik kaka nye..
de dua..