Friday, June 12, 2009

morning post..

Gud Morning everyone. yesss,, it's morning by now. ermm, let me check. yeahh.. it's 8.29 am while i was writting this post.

early?? yupp. i bet u can said that. i myself cnt believe i was awake by now. bcoz, usually.. im still in my dreamland. i slept at 3 am last nite. eh,, i mean morning,, eh, whatever la. cnt realy sleep last nite. even i went to bed early, the same scenario happened. i have to 'guling2' on my bed for quiet some time first,, then only i feel 'really' sleepy.

yada.. yada.. yada.. pe la aku mrepek pgi bute neh. xpe, nsb bek da gsk gg. *oke, x lwk pon*

owh ya,, lpe nk gtau the reason why i woke up early this morning. i hv to be a bbysitter for two days rite now. yeah,, me bbysit?? cm klaka je kn. haha. but, nvmnd. it's just my lil kazen who my aunt sent them to here due to their hse is having a renovation rte now and their maid,, errmm.. im not really sure bout that. tht's why they got here.

adib (13), adli(12), athirah (9) and adlin or sumtimes we called her anje or bby since she's the youngest one who just turned 6 today.

heyyy!! HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY ANJE!!!....

hehe,, they bought some clothes today. adli said they gonna have a celebration for anje after my aunt n my uncle came bck from work. but im not really sure wether they gonna celebrate it here or somewhere else. hmmm, pa pe jew la.

oh btw ppl,, im off to JB early in the morning tomorrow. EARLY,, like after subuh. *haiyo,, bgn awl lgi. bngkak la mte aku lhi ni kng. tdo lmbt,, bgn awl. GREEEEEEEAT!*

oh,, gtg.. must get ready. off to shah alam for some breakfast and some house haunting.

i will post on anje's bday. if sempat la k.



Hana Jaffar said...

uiii nak beli rumah baru ke? shah alam? ari tu kak uda kata tgk putra heights..?

me_ash said...

xde la...
tgk2 jew umh..