Friday, June 12, 2009

ADLIN'S Bday..

today, we went to kompleks pkns at shah alam. momy n dady nk 'usha-ing' some houses that were under pkns thinging,, somethng like that la.. kot???.. nth, im not really sure bout tht. mls plak nk sebok2 tnye. me and other kids just follow je.

yupp. tht's us. camwhoring inside the ofice while waiting for my mom n dad. nothing much to say. then later,, we went to seksyen 9, and 6 to check out the hse. to me,, i dnt realy like it. ok2, i DONT LIKE it al all!!. dunno la why.. just x ske jew. hrmmm,, xmo la stay in shah alam. i like subang better. yessssss,, SUBANG plsssssss...

around 6 sumting. mak ugee and uncle mazri came by from the workplace. like mak ugee promise, we celebrate adlin pnye bday. mak ugee bought choc cake for her.

hmmm, actually kinda lazy la nk tulis pnjg2 neh. let's picts do the talking lah.


bday cake!

adib, adlin, adli and athirah.

bday gurl unwrapped her present...

and the present is,,,,..... yupp, it's a basketball set.


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