Friday, March 20, 2009

a shopping spree need to be done!

ok. lme x ckp psl shpng. bkn dA tawar hati. wohoo~ x mngkin bebeh!. hehe. cume xde mse. sebok.*ceh, lgi2 alasn yg sme.*

tp recently aku dpt byk lak voucher. ok, x la byk. de 3 je.
1) from parkson. rm10 je la. due date, 22 march 09. erkk??,, ahad ni je??

2) from quicksilver n roxy. 20% diskaun. due date, 22 march gak. aiyak!! so soon meh??

3) from fashion fast foward. (miss selfridge, topshop, topman, dorothy perkins). rm 25 voucher. due date, 14 april 09. ini xpe. lmbt lgi.


for being a loyal member to this label, i entitled to get ths voucher if my point reach 800 or above. rm1 for 1 point. tht means aku da spend smpai rm800 lbey?? biar btik ??. ahah, gle kntang. xpe. i really like these label so muuchhy2!!. u guys shld gve me an award for being the-most-spender-in-your-store-and-crazy-about-it. ahah!.

oh, not to mention forever 21 also.since im going 21 sooooonnn.... :D. ahah, cm xde kne mengene pon. but sadly, diowng xde membership card. kalo ade, cmfrm diorng ni get another loyal shopper kt store diorng. ceh, proud gle. xbole bla.

hmm, im guessing an 'emergency' shopping spree need to be done. or else, rse terbuang je tht voucher. rugi kn??.

so......... spe nk ikot?? angkt tangan!!! >.<

to reward myself, i do shopping~

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