Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mad Scientist.

hah! ttba je rse cm nk buat entry psl my experiment. sj je. sbb i had my physical pharmacy experiment yesterday. its about we had to examine the morphology of a crystals forms. like its shape n aproximate size. well the objectives were..

1. To understand the thermodynamic basis of polymorphism.
2. To grow the crystals of the α- and β- polymorphs of L-glutamic acid.
3. To examine the crystals morphology of the α- and β- polymorphs of L-glutamic acid.
4. To observe the solution-mediated transformation of the α- and β- polymorphs of L-glutamic acid.

haha. nmpk sgt ni aku copy paste from my report. n the procedures goes somethng like ths...

1) 2.4 g of L-glutamic acid was dissolved in 50mL distilled water on a hotplate at 80oC by stirring with a glass rod.
2)The hot solution was filtered into two 50mL beakers ( about 25mL each). A magnetic stirrer bar was placed into one of them.
3)The solution with stirrer bar was stirred in the room temperature.
this is the solution wth magnetic bar in it n been placed on the magnetic stirrer.

4)The other solution was leaved on the bench at room temperature.

the other solution. cn see already the crystals forms.. teehe!!

5)Crystals was transferred onto glass slide and cover with a cover slip as soon as the crystals starts to appear in each solution.

tgk2. owg suh buat sket2, ni g bwt smpai byk2. ngade sungguh!! hahahaha..!

6)The crystals was examined under microscope. The crystals morphology was observed. The predominant polymorph in each solution was determined.

ini light-microscope.

oh! ini wayne tgh examine da crystals. haha, candid2!! my lab partner. (^_^)

7)The crystals in both solution was examined again after 30 minutes. Composition of the polymorphs in each solution was checked to see any changes.

haaaah!!! phm ke x???

tgk2!! cntk kn crystals nie... awwwwwwww~

ok. selesai suda experiment. so, x rti2 lagi nk buat lab report??

adoi, mls nyeeeeeeeeeeeee....

due date : 11th march, 2009.

*p/s : sape da siap?? meh, nk 'referrence' korng nye bole?? hak3....*

oi, buat sndri la shikin oi!!!


donna said...

shikin!!! taw tak ape yg lagi best!!! dapat buat exp and kat depan die ade org hensem XD

anis said...

shikin, ade wayne ngan zin lee di situ! haha
eh, you lab group ngan spe shikin?
i ngan wanee xjd partner you dah. >.<

me_ash said...

i slalu ngn zin lee, ming jun, wayne, simon ngn yamunai..