Wednesday, December 31, 2008

tata 2008!!

hey.. new year is almost hear.. yup.. just a few hours to go..
start countdown!!! haha.. oh well, let just see wht hapen to me throughout ths whole sarcastic years.. hehe..
  • January - ibu blik from kazakh... im still in mtrx.
  • February -broke up wth the guy i dated for almost 1 year n 5 month.. haih..
  • March - struggling for my finals.
  • April - finally, finish mtrx!! :D
  • May - im 20 ths year.. my frens celebrate it kt pyrmd. and also i went to kazakh.. ehemm.. get to know bubu.. hehe
  • June - guess wht?? we're togther now.. hehe
  • July - got my first car, savvy. n continued stadies in IMU.
  • August - 1st tme meet bubu..
  • September - ibu blik lgi.. n fasting month..
  • October - abah lak blik.. n of coz.. RRAAAYAAAAAAAA!!!!
  • November - finals...
  • December - latest, just got my MARA just now.. weeeeeehhhhhaaaaa!!!!!! XD

well, i guess tht's bout it..

got to thnk wht's my revolution for next year.. goshhh, i need to thnk fastttt.. haha..

gtg.. tata!!

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