Sunday, December 14, 2008


woke up ths morning.. mk pidah kjot ajak g midvaley.. since my planned wth my bubu today was cancelled, i agreed to follow mk pdh.. after all, i cn do some shppng sket kn.. xyh kuar kn duet..

we arrived there around noon i thnk.. my god!! jam gle... the road was massive wth traffic.. adoi ai.. mne nk prkng.. lucky us.. we parked at the premier parking lot, the gardens.. lucky x rmai tau tmpt nie.. hehe..

we went straight to isetan, gardens.. mk pdh told me she wnt to find new shos for herself.. well, tht doesnt surprised me at all.. since she's a shoe addict like me.. i thnk worst kot.. haha.. if u guys nk tau, come la to my hse.. tgk brape byk ksut die... klah klcc kot.. hehe..

while we at the shoe department, then somethng just caught my eyes.. de ksut ni lawa la mk pdh... i kept trying tht shoes for so many many times.. den last2 mk pdh tnye, nk ke??.. hehe.. saye dgn segan silu kate nak.. hahahahahaha... bt the price xde la mhl pon.. mura jew..

then we headed to midvaley.. jln2 pnye jln.. msuk metrojaya.. i bought my new facial cleanser.. clinique.. beshh sgt tau kalo pkai.. eventhough sgt la mhl.. tp xpe la.. worth it kot.. da kalo sales assistance tu kte ley thn smpai 1 year... so i bli jew la..

den da pnt2 pusing, we had our lunch at the little penang.. mkn pnye mkn.. den blik.. ujn lak kt luar.. den we pegi gombk.. amik nadiah n aqilah..

blik umh.. mlm g mkn kt mc'd, subng parade wth nadiah, aqilah, kaklong n syafiq..

then we spend the rest of the nites by wtchng the telly..


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Lyna said...

asl ko tulis xyah kn byr tue kecik gle ??? baik xyah tulis ...... hahaha