Monday, December 15, 2008

one sweet day~

yup..!! it's certainly a very2 sweet day for me yesterday.. as i spend one whole day wth my bubu.. its not like i cn get to meet him like evryday.. only once in a few months.. sedey kn?? tp nk bwt cm ne.. since he lived in penang.. but xpe la, tht doesnt bother me..

goshh.. i miss every sngle thng tht i did wth my bubu yesterday.. we talked, eat, shop, took pictures, movie.. sume la.. thnks to ur kzen eh.. cuz made it happened..

im really really hepi.. thks for brighten up my day once again dear.. thnk u so mucchhy2!!!..

p/s: ble nk dtg lg??



" anis " said...

bahagia eh? XD

Anonymous said...

dats me!!n my cygggggg!!!love u lotzzz!!thnx 4 the day momey!!!muuuahhhhxxx!!!!