Sunday, August 1, 2010

Stuff that can make lil girl like me excited :)

I was informed by my kazen that there's gonna be a warehouse sale for make up. I was like whhhaaaat?? seriuosly??

Haa haa, da excited da dgr ni.

So today i went to Alliance Cosmetic Group somewhere in Glenmarie with my kazen, Aishuhuhuz. heh.

Nak crik pon x susah, senang je. Kejap je dah sampai.

See, we are here already :)

Wow!! Excited tak excited tak?? Haa Haa..

One of the Brand yg ade kat sane. Yang len x sempat amik sbb sebok pilih barang. Hee Hee. Yang ni je sempat, sebab i dont use Silky Girl sgt. But, among others, Silky Girl lah pling byk brg yg diowng jual.

Others yg ade is Revlon, Stage and ape tah xtau sgt.

Barang yg jual pon ok la, lawa2, stock td pon banyak je lagi.

And this items yg sempat bli n mengikut bajet jugak ahh kan. :D

Photo Pro Foundation #03 (RM35) and West End White eyeliner(RM18) from STAGE.

Colour Stay Mineral Eyeshadow (RM15) and Luxurious Colour Eyeliner/Crayon Contour(RM10) from REVLON

Close Up. Teehee. Nice kan. I Like earth colour. More Natural. :)

This warehouse sales is only until tomorow ladies (Sunday 1 August, 2010), so sape yg nak pegi tu, cepat2!! :)


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