Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Maybe it's true, maybe it's not. I don't know.

One good thing bout having a best true friends is that they saw the other side of you that maybe others don't see it.

And that is really happen when one of my bestfriends once said, that one thing about me that she could see and noticed is that, im a person that like to hide my true feelings. Angry to be specific. Means that, most of the time i will keep it to myself whenever i get mad. Simpan dalam hati in malay.

Well, i dont know why. I told her maybe i rather keep it quite than have to confront it. No matter how bad people did to me. But i did told her that on a certain situations, i will voice out my angry. But not in a nice way, i think.

Entah lah, kadang-kadang susah juga kalau semua pon nak simpan dalam hati. But one thing for sure, to get mad easily is just not me. Im more a calm person.

I've always said this ; Things always happened for a reason :)


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