Tuesday, January 12, 2010



im sure not many of u familiar wth this brand. sbb die x jual kt mne2 store.

i do not know much bout this brand. but im buying it just to help my kazen. at least tht's wht kazen are for kn?? :)

they sell from t shirt, sweater, sunglasses, flip flops/slippers.. errr, xtau la lgi.. hehe..

but, i must say, their t shrt pnye design sgtt lawa n heard die print x byk. so, mcm agak limited jugak lah kn. the shirt material pon bole thn la. not bad. heard they print the design kt indonesia if x slap la.

btw, i bought this sunglasses. super awsome :DD. love it sggt. mura je k. they have it in many colours, but i like it in black. bru cm mysterious sket.. ecececece :p

btw la kan, if u guys need any info, just let me know k :)

gmba ini sgtt vain gle. haha, gdikk :p




anis said...

sayangg! shades tu berapa??

me_ash said...

errm.. x slp rm28 kot..
tp i bli kt my kazen, so jd rm20 je..
ade pink, kuning, ijau, itam.. lg x ingt..
tshrt xmau??
bli kn kt amr smart tau..

yuyun said...

mne nak tgk ek?

me_ash said...

yun.. try crik kt myspace..
type je abstrax jingga.. ade rsenye..