Saturday, January 2, 2010

Night Movie

Avatar tonite. was super2 awsome. hehe.

me kaklong adam amir aishah farah hazman. 7 of us.

luckily, we booked the tickets.

Dinner at subway dlu. All of us had steak n cheese, but diffrnt bread.

me share wth farah. adam share with amir. comot gle mkn. :))

Kami. without me, of course. im the one who took the pict. Subway

from left : farah kaklong aishah hazman amir adam

itu die, sgt rakus. HAHA

Dua budak yg sgtt nakal. Amir n Adam. ^_^

ok2, ni haa aku. the red one, ofcourse ^^,

bye, ngntk, nk tdo da! nite~


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