Saturday, November 21, 2009

I dance with my tip toe :)

it was fun Saturday outing.

went out for a movie with mamito n papito. heee, besh3!!

the movie was superb. 2012.. although mcm x logik je kn towards the end. ye lah, kate end of the world, mne de owg yg survive. hehe, neway, 5 ++ stars for the movie. :)

then later tonite, went to subang parade with papito.

mainly reason, because of this..

yeay!! my very 1st crocs. ahaa, jakun gle. sgt suka oke! 1st, the kaler sgt suke.. purple aww!!
plus, got diamond kt tpi. sme je cm anis, but die pnye brown. heeeeeeeeeeeeee...


*there goes my money, again. T_T*

owh, they also gave this.

mcm xtau kn ape bnde nie. but the instruction said soak it in water for a while.

so i did. turns out, it is actually a..

haha, towel! so cute n creative :)

owh btw, the boyfie pon ttba bli crocs gak. haha. sebok je. i bli, u pon nk bli.. ceh :)

ngarrr.. merah nye mak ngah.. haha :)

well, i think tht's all for my quick update. till next time. ttfn ^_^



anis said...

OMG chikinnnn!! Hahaha! Amir pun nak jugak beli Crocs mcm annas! Warna biru! XXDDD
Boria laa kitaa.

me_ash said...

haha, yke anis?? ngaaaa~
mmg boria..
dah la bju topman pon sme je..

anis said...

ini baru namanya sehati sejiwa! :pp

me_ash said...

haha, diorng la sehati sejiwa..
anas ngn amir..
ley wat kapel neh..
agagagagga :))