Saturday, August 29, 2009

Weekend activity.

did some minor shopping today

since now pon nk dkat rye plak kn. so, mcm a must thing to do. ngeh.

went to pyramid with mamito and papito. after so many whines nk pegi shoping, papito finally agreed. ho ho

went there for only 2 hours je. 2 hours pon, smpat bli ni..

yeay! another topman for me. nk yg yellow kaler, but kt pyrmid xde plak. hmmph. ni pon ok juge :)

then, snggh forever 21 lak. bought these baju2.

yg ni mamito nye pick. she said its nice if it is on me. i was like, huh?. try it on. and she was right. :)

yg ni me likey. sbb nmpk mcm corset sket. mcm je lah. black n white. looks perfect when im wearing it. :')

baju ni kolar die sgnt hensem kowt. haha. mcm innocent je kalo pkai. eh?? haha :)

last but not least, a black skinney jeans from marks n spencer. da ade black, now tgh aim grey skinney lak. mne ade yg lawa n MURAH ea??. oh, nk jugak skinney jeans kt dorothy perkins. nk! nk! nk!. huhu.

hmm, i think tht's it. ttfn~

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