Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Like what??

i had a few conversation with my Dr. LCS today in the lab during the practicle. while waiting for my solution to be crystalized, the lect asked me a few questions.

u know, general only. like, where i was from, my nme, bla3.. just to kill some time as the crystals took some time to appear.

soooooooo, as i was saying.. i told her that im a pure malay girl. she a bit shocked, because she thought that im from................


you know, the one from sarawak one..

HAHAHAHAHAHA,, this is the first time that someone said that to me. nevertheless, i took it as a complement. hihi..



donna said...

ahahah! comel je.. kamu orang bidayuh ye! hihihi

Lyna said...

die nk ckp indon tp die ckp la negeri seblah je takut ko merajuk ke mara ke ... hahaha

me_ash said...

farah : haha,, comel je kn Dr. LCS.. hihi

lyna : hahaha, ngokk ah ko

aishuz said...

iban ah.