Wednesday, July 8, 2009


another pointless post.

read it IF u want.

i dnt gv a damn IF u dont.

IMU is been visited by our ex-pm, Tun Dr. Mahathir and his wife today.
im not realy sure why,, but i know there's a dialogue with the students.
i reeeeeeeeeaaalllllllyyyyy wanna go for the talk. but i cnt. got class plak.. huhu T____T!
*nk jmpe che det*
so, i only manage took this pamplet outside the hall jew.. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. T_________T!
hmm, move on lah..
got bck from class around 3pm,, straight blik umh n amik ibu.. g sbng parade.

ibu bli groceries kt cold storage. tht's me. holding my baskin rbin while tolak troli..

CUKAI2!!.. haha,, it's a must!

and oh! i realy2 need to stop buying this stuff la weh. it's like my guilty plessure. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,,,

evry single week bli..

gle gmok aku cmni..




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